11 Best Video Game Bromances

Since the conception of the term "bromance," we've seen more and more examples of this type of friendship in all forms of pop-culture.We've had movies (mostly comedies) portraying this inseparable bond between buddies but (all alliteration aside), video games have used many bromances in their own stories, Here are STG's 11 Best Video game Bromances, bro.

Tokyo Dark: Exclusive Interview With Jon Williams of Cherrymochi

Recently, we spoke to Cherrymochi's creative director, Jon Williams, who has been absorbing the culture and atmosphere of Japan for some time.As to whether supernatural events are more literal or metaphorical in Tokyo Dark though, we're told to "wait and see.

Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox Mage Build Guide

Having a collection of spell discs and spell gems is vital to a mage build for two reasons.At this point, you should have some decent equipment, a nice bit of gold, and a fair collection of spells, gems, and discs.

Soul Knight Mini Guide - Statues and Their Effects

You've probably come across statues in Soul Knight and wondered just what they do.Each statue has its uses but some character skills and statue effects synergize better than others.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Getting a Companion App

A long time ago, on mobile devices far far away, Mass Effect 3 had a companion app called Datapad.Now it's Mass Effect: Andromeda's turn to get a similar app called Apex HQ.

New Features Coming To Dawn Of War III That Will Shake Up The Franchise

It's weird to think it was almost a year ago the announcement trailer for Dawn Of War III finally arrived, offering a glimpse into what is (presumably) the opening cinematic.Get ready to relive that joy on a much more destructive scale with each faction's super weapon!

LEGO Worlds Beginner's Guide: 4 Essential Tips to Help You Get By

Here you'll find a noteworthy challenge guarding some enticing treasure chests.Look closer, however, and you'll see exactly what it's pointing to.

Yooka-Laylee Is a Callback to Banjo-Kazooie's Precise Platforming -- And Utterly Crazy World

In my time with the game, I was only able to see a minuscule fraction of Yooka-Laylee's expansive and dynamic world.All in all, Yooka-Laylee's vibrant, colorful world is inviting and full of life.

Indiewatch: Cthon - Old-School Shooting, Roguelike and Lovecraftian fun

Aside from those issues the general design of the levels are well implemented and have a tonne of charm that fit the game's plot and concept really well.The Marksman specialises in the use of the cannon, a ranged firearm, resulting in higher damage, more ammunition and a higher rate of fire.

Prey Typhon Research Trailer Drops and Reveals Alien Species

A new trailer for the upcoming shooter Prey, titled Typhon Research, just released today.This cinematic trailer focuses on each species of Typhon -- the aliens within Prey.

Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Profile Bonuses

Each Profile gives stat bonuses and at least one Profile-specific ability, such as a Combat Drone for the Engineer profile.I'm going to list all seven available profiles in Mass Effect Andromeda, what they do, and how to unlock them.

SMITE Rivals is "On Hold" Indefinitely

If you were looking forward to the SMITE spinoff game called SMITE Rivals, then I have some bad news for you.Hi-Rez Studios, the creators behind the mobile brawler game, decided to put its development on hold for the time being.

A Quick Guide To 3 Virtual Reality Accessories & A Safety Tip

Here are 3 accessories you will want as well as a safety tip, in order to fully appreciate the concept of virtual reality.There is no other way to use a virtual reality app without a virtual reality headset.

Slime Rancher - Get Jiggy With It!

Try looking up videos on Slime Rancher sometime you will find yourself smiling so much that you'll be afraid you'll get a cramp in your smile bones (that's totally a thing, shush).Once you start up Slime Rancher you'll immediately notice the crisp, refreshing cartoon-y graphics.

The Most Outrageous Ghost Recon Wildlands Glitches and Bugs

While a little more on the serious side than something like Just Cause, there are some serious lulz to be had while blowing up the Bolivian countryside in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.If you don't want to miss the most outrageous glitches before they get patched out, check out our full roundup below.

Have You Got Carpal Tunnel? My Journey to Recovery, and Creation of the RBT

Sometimes its been referred to as Carpal Tunnel.My journey with Carpal Tunnel started in senior year of college, as for everyone, League was a big deal, then.

Anew: The Distant Light Adds New Stretch Goal to Kickstarter; Includes Potential Switch Port

With nearly 99% funding (at time of writing) and only a few days left to go, the first stretch goal for Anew has been added to its campaign page.The stretch goal is for $35,000, surpassing the funding goal by $5,000, and includes (but is not limited to) expanded localization, speed run features, minigames, a new area as well as a new mechanic, boss, weapon, vehicle, and last but not least, "Nintendo Switch feasibility research".

Streets of Rogue - How to Kill a Ghost

There's only one way to unlock Streets of Rogue's Werewolf character, and that's by killing a ghost.You unlock the Scientist by polluting 5 air filtration systems.

Resident Evil 7 - Exploring the Guest House

The Guest House is the first place you will explore in Resident Evil 7.When you exit the car you will see a large estate surrounded by shrubs and trees.

5 Things to Consider before Buying a Gaming Headset

Some people go for cheap gaming headsets and then regret it.Without further ado, let’s dive into the things you need to consider when buying your perfect gaming headset.