Absolver -- How to Unlock Stagger Early On

And if you're trying to unlock the stagger ability, getting it early on will give you a decent advantage over some of the opponents that you encounter.Also known as "drunken fist", stagger is a special ability that involves a little bit of stumbling, and grants your attacks several unconventional defensive capabilities.

Monster Hunter Stories Launch Trailer Previews Opening Movie, Story, and Gameplay

A new trailer has also released to coincide with the game's Western launch.In Monster Hunter Stories, players hatch, fight alongside, and ride monsters rather than just hunt them.

Destiny 2 Clan Guide: What They Are and Why You Should Join

Now you can level up your clan, get rewards for completing activities in a clan, guide other people not in a clan, and more.I'm going to go over exactly what a clan is in Destiny 2, and all the benefits that go along with being in one.

Magic The Gathering Arena: Five Facts We've Learned From the World Premiere

Here are the five most important details that were revealed regarding MTG Arena.The business model for this new MTG venture was one of the most discussed issues prior to the game's world premiere.

Destiny 2: How to Unlock and Complete Challenges

There's plenty to do Bungie's shared-world shooter Destiny 2, and not all of the game's elements are immediately available from the start.While the previous game had Bounties, the sequel has Challenges to unlock and complete.

How to Complete In Search of Truth and Treasure in FFXV

Final Fantasy XV's Assassin's Festival, the Assassin's Creed crossover event, is in full swing now -- and there's plenty of loot to be had!To complete it, you'll have to beat the last quest: In Search of Truth and Treasure.

Destiny 2 Meditation Guide: How to Replay Story Missions

So not being able to back to any of the story missions without a partner can be kind of a bummer.Luckily, you do have a way to replay story missions after you have completed the game -- via Meditations.

Destiny 2 Guide: How to Get the Rat King Exotic Sidearm

The Rat King is an exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2 that has some unique perks.In this step-by-step guide to the Rat King quest, I'm going to give you the rundown on exactly how to get the Rat King and add this exotic sidearm to your character's inventory.

Shieldbreaker: New Darkest Dungeon Class Announced

After a short hiatus regarding new content since the release of The Crimson Court DLC for Darkest Dungeon, news has finally broken on what looks to be the next content update -- and it includes the addition of a new class called the Shieldbreaker.Due to a lack of details at the time of writing, fans are left mostly with speculation about what role this new character is going to play in party composition.

How to Bind Crouch Jump in PUBG

How do you bind crouch jump?To bind crouch jump in PUBG, you want to open the settings menu and locate the controls section.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Kill Tracker Ghost

Is it out of order to say Destiny 2 was probably the most anticipated game of the year?In this Destiny 2 guide, we'll go over how you can get your gear.

What Does That Green Outline Mean in Path of Exile?

Ever since Path of Exile's massive update early last month and its release on console, the Fall of Oriath expansion has swelled the already impressive numbers of players in this Diablo-esque action RPG.One of the most common queries has to do with that green outline that often appears around a piece of equipment.

Want That FFXIV Whisper-Go Mount? You Have to Complete the Yo-Kai Watch Event

Final Fantasy XIV's crossover event with Level-5's Yo-kai Watch series has returned, which means players will have another shot at the Whisper-Go mount reward by completing the event's quest-line.Just like in the original Yo-kai Watch game, you'll have to travel around Eorzea using your Yo-kai Watch to earn the medals you need in order to complete the event.

How to Get the New Legendary Dogs in Pokemon GO

Right on the heels of the legendary birds, Niantic recently introduced Suicune, Entei, and Raikou -- the legendary dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver -- to Pokemon GO.Niantic will be switching the locations of these legendary Pokemon every month, mimicking their patterns of rapidly relocating in the original games.

Destiny 2 Beginner's Guide

Destiny 2 has added a lot to its gameplay experience, and differs quite a bit from the original game in the series.To keep you informed, this Destiny 2 guides is going to go over a few tips to help you get a head start before you even hit max level.

How to Find the Gas Mask and Acid Bath Blueprint in Last Day on Earth

With these new additions, players can now get the Gas Mask and build the Acid Bath.The acid bath blueprint will only be available once you finish Underground Floor 2 in the Alfa Bunker.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 1 Review -- A Thrilling Prologue

You're not socially awkward, you don't take photos, and you definitely don't have temporal powers.There's a new dialogue interaction unique to Chloe in Life is Strange: Before the Storm called 'Backtalk Challenge'.

State of the Xbox One

This leads us to the current generation: the PlayStation 4 against the Xbox One.The Xbox One exclusives include games like like Halo 5, Gears of War 4, Sunset Overdrive, Forza, but not much else.

3 Ways YouTubers Can Conquer Demonetization

For some time, let's players and YouTube personalities like Lazy Game Reviews and Cygnus Destroyer have been able to use YouTube's monetization system with moderate success.Well, Markiplier has 18 million subs and a $9 million net worth, while Jacksepticeye has 16 million subs and a similar $9 million net worth.

If You're Still Berating Dean Takahashi, You Don't Understand How Games Journalism Works

It’s easy to nod your head and proclaim that a games journalist should be good at games.Without the work games journalists put in, fans would have little to no access to developers, publishers, and the general goings-on of the industry.