How to Fix Low Framerate, Resolution, and Stuttering in Nier: Automata

After releasing as a timed PlayStation exclusive back in late February, Nier: Automata just saw the launch of its PC port not too long ago.Players using the game through Steam have been seeing some undesirable effects on its gameplay -- such as stuttering, blurriness, FPS drops, and low resolution.

Dishonored 2 Just Got a Steam Update So Big That It's Classified as a Beta

Several months after its full release back in November 2016, Dishonored 2 is receiving its third new update for PC and Steam users today.A lot of things -- but the primary purpose is to clear up some bugs and other glitches that have burdened Dishonored players.

Toukiden 2 Review: A Fierce Monster Hunting Game with Lots of Style

In my experience, monster hunting titles tend to have a very weak narrative -- one that often just serves as your forgettable backdrop to hunting and gathering.While you can choose to just hack and slash your way through like you would in a standard monster hunting game, this sequel offers you a considerable amount of offensive options.

Tomb Raider - Learning From the Rise of a Survivor

On March 5th, 2013, Eidos released a reboot -- Tomb Raider (2013).The intention of Tomb Raider (2013) is to tell the story of an average girl overcoming adversity and trying to survive.

What Would Be Almost As Good As Pokemon GO? Lilo & Stitch GO!

And with the release of Pokémon GO last July, it got me thinking: which other shows deserve a GO game?Facebook gave me a ton of ideas, but my favorite by far is the idea of a Lilo & Stitch GO.

Jade Curtiss and Tear Grants enter Tales of the Rays

Titled as "Mieu's Big Adventure," you'll embark on a journey with Mieu where you'll meet with Jade and Tear along the way.So if you have played Tales of the Abyss before, you'll want to partake in this event to unlock Jade and Tear.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater documentary now being funded on IndieGoGo

Crowdfunded through IndieGoGo, the Tony Hawk documentary will be titled Pretending I'm a Superman The Tony Hawk Game Story, and will mainly focus on the developers and development of the Tony Hawk's game series.The documentary will include commentary by Tony Hawk himself.

LEGO Worlds Cheat Guide: Code to Unlock All Bricks

If you read my review for LEGO Worlds, you'll know one of my biggest criticisms is the lack of a proper Creative Mode.Note that you must finish the tutorial -- gather 10 Gold Bricks on the first 3 worlds -- before entering the Bricks Code.

Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Where to Find All 13 Captured Memory Locations

Resolve And Grief Memory Grab this memory by the Tabantha section of the map in the grassy area directly next to Tena Ko'sah Shrine.Zelda's Resentment Memory This one is located on the road leading from Geruda Desert Gateway to Geruda Town.

How to Get into the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Demo This Weekend

Fans of Splatoon will get the opportunity to play the Splatoon 2 free demo on Nintendo Switch this weekend.Dubbed the Global Testfire, this event starts on March 24th and runs until March 26th.

Review: LEGO Worlds Fails to Deliver on a Brilliant Idea

Allow me to kick off this review by first saying that LEGO Worlds has the potential to be the best LEGO game I've ever played.With that out of the way, however, LEGO Worlds feels like it should still be in Early Access.

Get The Look: Firewatch Inspired Home

To get a Firewatch aesthetic would be different depending on the location in the game that you choose.You might find out that you just like the color palette, or you just like Henry's 80's retro items.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Beginner's Guide and Tips

Check out my Mass Effect Andromeda Profile Bonuses guide for more details.The jetpack really changes combat in Mass Effect: Andromeda and also helps with exploration.

Retrowatch: Wolfenstein: Spear of Destiny - Another Helping of Classic Nazi Shooting

For the release of "Spear of Destiny" on both Steam and GOG.The plot to "Spear of Destiny" takes place before the events of the original game.

The Story So Far - Yoshimistu (Part 1)

Many gamers don't realize that the Soul series is also one of Namco's creation, and the fact that Yoshimitsu's story actually begins here.The sword's name?

All About The Nintendo Switch - Reviews, Games, Controllers, Online Play And More

No matter if you have a Nintendo Switch in hand or are preparing to buy one soon, this post is for you.The controllers for the Nintendo Switch are called Joy-Cons.

Bit City -- Legit Tips Guide for New Idle City Builders!

Bit City isn't the most complex idle game out there, but it's very possible you are missing out on money-making opportunities just by not knowing and utilizing the game's features properly.You're going from city to city, not sticking with one.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Kingslayer Files Locations Guide: Agua Verde & Malca

It is stored in the so-called Kingslayer files, which are hidden in various places across the game's map.This guide will help you locate all Kingslayer files in two provinces of P.

Bit City -- What Is Prestige, and When Should You Use It?

Compared to a lot of other idle games, Bit City has a lot going for it.There are a lot of features that separate Bit City from its other idle brethren and having to hop from one city to the next is certainly one of them.

FFXV "Episode Gladiolus'" Impressions: Refined, Brutal Combat Takes Center Stage

From simply pounding enemies into the dirt to strategically doling out punishment, Square Enix has (seemingly) made "Episode Gladiolus" feel at once familiar and different than FFXV.While we all love an invulnerable Chuck Norris brawler that takes hit after hit without ever going to the mat, Square Enix took a more eloquent route when designing Gladiolus' combat style in "Episode Gladiolus.