EA Play at E3 Will Offer First Look at 64-Player Battles in Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts has announced that the first live stream of Battlefield 1 will take place at the EA Play event on June 12.The event will reveal the first ever multiplayer gameplay of Battlefield 1, and the developers at EA DICE are holding nothing back -- they will showcase the 64-player battles that the Battlefield franchise has become known for.

CS:GO Streamer JoshOg Announces $25,000 Overwatch Tournament

There haven't been many announcements in regards to competitors or the exact date.All that has been mentioned so far is that the tournament will be some time in June.

Even Developers are Confused by What NX Is

There are many rumors about what the NX is and very few hard facts.While Nintendo fans are most certainly frustrated by the lack of details regarding the long-awaited new console (or handheld, or VR headset), but developers are feeling the same -- as Nintendo has become so secretive, they refuse to tell anyone anything about the new product.

Nintendo Treehouse at E3 2016 Won't Just Be Zelda

In case you were wondering, they won't just show Zelda.Heads up, Nintendo fans: the company has announced the Treehouse livestream dates for this year's E3, which will be a two day event on June 14-15.

1,500+ Overwatch Cheaters Banned

Bringing down the ban hammer, Blizzard is tries to make Overwatch as fair and balanced as possible.More than 1,500 cheaters have been banned from Blizzard's new shooter so far.

Overwatch Reaches Over 7 Million Players In Less Than Two Weeks

Since Overwatch's release on May 24, there have been more than 7 million players who have logged in to duke it out in Blizzard's new MOBA-esque first person shooter.Over 119 million hours have been played and eleven million payloads have been capped.

Fans outraged over Metal Gear Solid Pachinko game

In what has been considered adding insult to injury, Konami has recreated key moments from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater using the Fox Engine for a Pachinko machine.Still, it was a great shock when Konami unveiled Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater, which recreated several memorable moments from the iconic game using the Fox Engine.

Rebel Galaxy 50% Off and Localized in 6 Languages on Steam

If you've been thinking about picking up Rebel Galaxy on Steam, now's a pretty good time.The action-packed space opera Rebel Galaxy from indie developer Double Damage Games has just been localized in six different languages and nabbed a 50% discount on Steam for players looking to try their hand at some space piracy.

How to get Dead by Daylight Beta Keys

Players who preordered the Deluxe edition of the game receive 3 beta keys, and those who registered for the beta at PAX will get their beta key by email.You can check out Dead for Daylight's beta site for an opportunity to get a beta key for you and your friends.

Hold Off On Buying A New Console Until After E3!

Do not buy a console until E3 has come and gone!As the summer time rolls around, an event that comes annually that all gamers know called E3 happens.

Neverwinter Arrives on PS4 this Summer

Salvatore and containing all nine PC expansions, are you ready for Neverwinter?After almost three years after the video game's initial release on the PC platform, Neverwinter, a Massive Multi-player Online Role-playing Game published by Perfect World Entertainment, is arriving this summer on PlayStation 4.

Rocket League Makes $110 Million Sales, cumulatively

Rocket League, known as one of the most successful indie games from 2015, has earned $110 million with over 5 million units sold across all platforms.Considering the fact that the sales were $70 million last December, it has grown more than 36% in less then a year.

Donkey Kong Country 3 and Two Other Titles Now Available in Nintendo eShop

These titles have brought nostalgia to fans of the series and the trio of games is finally complete.The Nintendo website also reveals that this title will only be playable on new Nintendo 3DS systems.

NBA 2K17 releases September 20th, early tip-off confirmed

Pacers Guard/Forward Paul George was revealed as the NBA 2K17 cover athlete last night at the NBA 2K16 "Road to the Finals" tournament.Along with the cover, a release date of September 20th was given.

Is UK Video Game Pricing Too High?

Recently, it's become quite noticeable that digitally-distributed video games are somewhat over-priced in the United Kingdom compared to the United States.There are currently various pieces of information, utilised as arguments, which have been used to demonstrate the pricing of video games as fair; this mostly concerns physical versions.

Control Reality in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

Be ready for this fall, because every aspect of playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will be more intense and realistic than you could ever imagine.Your control over the entire team and the team dynamic can be tweaked during the fast-paced gameplay that is continuously changing.

PES 2017 Control Reality

Your control over the entire team and the team dynamic can be tweaked during the fast-paced gameplay that is continuously changing.In general, the new features that will be seen in this new game are: The new feature I think will be most revolutionary is the adaptive AI.

"We Are Ghosts" Trailer shows the amount of power players will have

About a week ago, a new trailer dropped for Ghost Recon Wildlands, the newest installment in the Ghost Recon series.Now it's up to the Ghosts to put a stop to the cartel and bring peace to back to Bolivia.

Paradox Interactive Asks Steam Spy to Remove Games' Stats from Site

Removing any slightly inaccurate sales data, which Steam Spy is known to provide, could be a move to ensure that this data is not seen by possible investors.Incorrect data could cause Paradox to either become under, or overvalued, which intern could be catastrophic to revenue.

Surgeon Simulator Now Tasks You to Operate On Donald Trump

Political seasons make for many headaches across the land as people needlessly make petty arguments for and against various candidates while ignoring the larger and more important picture.Politics have been seeping into games since Bill Clinton was a playable character in NBA Jam back in the early 90's.