First 4 characters for new MOBA Master X Master revealed

As Master X Master is preparing, they are introducing their Masters every few weeks.While Overwatch may still be on top of everyone's list of games to play, Master X Master, a new MOBA, is still working hard to get players excited about it.

D The Game now available on

For those non-horror fans out there, D is a pretty short old-school type horror game designed by Kenji Eno - designer of Enemy Zero -  and released in 1996.The game was well received when it first launched, with GameFans calling it "innovative, imaginative and astounding".

GOG meets Steam with new GOG Connect Service

On the company page it states: "Importing your game will get you the complete GOG.The specifics may vary from game to game, but you can always check what's included on the game's product page.

Liberty City coming to GTA 5?

Is Liberty City coming to Grand Theft Auto 5 or is it a tease for GTA 6?Could one of the former cities from past Grand Theft Auto games be heading to Grand Theft Auto 5?

Trion Worlds Chooses Alex James Ryan as Winner in AbleGamers Fellowship

Video game developer Trion Worlds has named Alex James Ryan as its winner of the AbleGamers fellowship, which aims to support students with disabilities in game development.The Trion Worlds website revealed that the studio will grant AJ $10,000 in scholarship funds.

XSEED plans to publish three indie games to consoles

Earlier today, XSEED Games, the studio responsible for publishing games such as Legend of the Heroes series and Senran Kagura, revealed plans to publish three indie games to consoles.This particular game was brought to life on Kickstarter, and plans to continue the dancing genie's adventures.

Capcom Bans Player over Sexual Harassment Allegations

This past weekend, Capcom received a notification about an unfortunate sexual harassment case during the Combo Breaker 2016 event -- part of their Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Events.A female attendee was subjected to unwarranted and wanted contact from a male attendee, who was confirmed to be Noel Brown.

Bungie Teases Destiny Reveal Stream on Twitter

The Destiny news will be unveiled through Bungie's Twitch channel Thursday, June 9th at 10 a.Players can expect to learn "about the next threat that you'll confront as Guardians," followed by a "deeper dive with the development team.

Moonlighter ARPG reaches Kickstarter Goal

A new ARPG with rogue-lite elements has surpassed its funding goal on Kickstarter with time to spare!Digital Sun Games must be excited that their ARPG Moonlighter has met and surpassed its goal of $40,000 on Kickstarter.

[Review] One Piece: Burning Blood is Stuck in Second Gear

Most One Piece: Burning Blood matches devolve into strafe-fests, with players doing their best to avoid long range attacks and countering with long-range attacks of their own.Now, for all the negatives the game's combat brings, the set dressing for the game is amazing.

Capcom Notifies Players of Street Fighter V Development Updates

Street Fighter V has been out for a few months now, and the game seems to be well received by fans.More content for the game has been confirmed, which has left fans yearning for when it will come.

Splatoon's 2.8.0 Update Details

0 adds new gear and weapons while fixing some glitches and map advantages.The popular third-person shooter for the Wii U, Splatoon, is getting a software update on June 8, 2016 with new weapons and gear plus adjustments to existing ones.

Dataminer finds a hidden Mario Kart 8 OST track

It's been 2 years since Nintendo released Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U.As always, the kart racing franchise never ceases to amaze, and today it continues to deliver with a hidden OST track only recently discovered.

How to fix end turn crash in Total War: Warhammer

Learn how to temporarily fix the game-crashing bug on end turns in this guide to Total War: Warhammer.The first of the three Total War: Warhammer games has been released on May 24, 2016.

Overwatch bans are no joke...and they're for life.

Although bestselling game Overwatch launched only last week, developer Blizzard Entertainment has already begun permanently banning thousands of users worldwide found to be using hacks and cheating programs.Users of a popular Overwatch cheat program were banned en masse yesterday, to the point that the program's creators have shut down the authentication servers until they find a solution.

Chrono Trigger Director Hopeful For New Version Of Classic Game

It was kind of like a grand festival – it was really fun.[Tetsuya] Nomura was actually creating the environment background pieces in Chrono Trigger – like the courthouse scene, that was created by him.

Programmer Builds MOBA In DOOM's SnapMap Editor

Hell yes you would.Currently in beta, DOOMBA is the work of programmer Patrick Roeder, built entirely in DOOM's impressive-but-in-many-ways-lacking SnapMap custom map editor.

Surgeon Simulator Lets You Operate On Donald Trump

Since his wacky, vitriolic, and confounding run for President of the United States began, Donald Trump has become even more a part of the world's pop culture and cult of personality because of his baffling rhetoric and crazed antics rather than any of his gold-plated, name-bearing buildings or "world famous" golf courses.Whether you like him or not, everyone is talking about Trump and everyone wants to get inside his head.

ARK celebrates one-year birthday with in-game event and dinos in hats

To celebrate its birthday week, the game is getting a fresh update that includes new creatures, XP-buffing birthday cakes, and a new dragon boss fight.These organisms can severely debilitate their host with infections like "Swamp Fever", and require precision blade-work or an open flame to shake off.

Ubisoft's lineup for E3 2016

"More than ever, video games are showing how they will shape the future of entertainment.”       -- Yves Guillemot, Co-Founder and CEO of Ubisoft Die-hard fans will have the opportunity to visit the Ubisoft Lounge to have hands-on experience with the video games featured in Ubisoft's E3 lineup.