PewDiePie Responds to Anti-Semitic Video Controversy

Three days after being cut out of business deals with Disney and YouTube for posting "anti-Semitic" content, PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) has responded to the recent backlash on his videos.The Pewds admits that the joke he was making was in poor taste and went on too long, saying: But his apology wasn't the crux of the 11-minute response video he posted to his channel yesterday.

Devotion Alpha Gameplay Preview/Steam Greenlight Spotlight

Considering the game is currently on Steam Greenlight, Deadbyte Studios nails the ambiance of survival horror right off the bat.Sticking true to the survival horror roots, there is no real way to defeat it.

The Most Savage Kills in For Honor

Clean tactics, dirty tactics, honorable tactics -- all are allowed in For Honor.While Overwatch has its PotG (play of the game), For Honor players get to show off some merciless and downright savage kills.

Mass Effect: The Ultimate Meritocracy?

The following are various examples of a progressive worldview the races of the Mass Effect universe share in relation to merit, not species, class, etc.Through its' romance system (and character customization), Mass Effect allows its' player to choose their character's sexual orientation.

Metacritic Demands Exclusive Quotes From Non-English Publications

In order to be listed on either site, publications must submit a review quote in English which summarizes their review.However, Metacritic have responded by creating a new rule, for all publications who wish to be listed, which states that all review quotes provided are exclusive to Metacritic.

Sniper Elite 4 Guide: All Stone Eagle Locations

Below are all the locations for each Stone Eagle in SE4.For your first Stone Eagle of the Bitanti Village mission, go left along the coast from mission start.

Nintendo Switch OS Leaked (Screenshots & Video)

An anonymous user leaked a video today briefly showcasing the operating system of the upcoming Nintendo Switch on vid.Navigating through the different options on the operating system is seamless -- taking less than a second to load after each click.

For Honor Guide: Valkyrie Info and Tips

The Valkyrie is a Hybrid and complex character in For Honor.This viking member uses a spear and shield -- and is deadly with both.

Mope Glitches, How To Get Unlimited Food and Godmode

Just look at games like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare.The fact that Mope is updated with new content regularly, means glitches are inevitable and can easily start to stack up.

VR Ping Pong: Table Tennis Simulator Review for PS4

Being a huge fan of the original Sports Champions table tennis mode I was craving some hardcore paddlin' -- without leaving the comfort of my living room of course.It took much longer than I anticipated, since there was already a healthy amount of table tennis games for the PC community to enjoy.

Ultimate Chicken Horse Is Coming To Consoles in Q3 2017

Clever Endeavour Games has just announced that Ultimate Chicken Horse will be hitting consoles in Q3 2017.The self-styled "party platformer" was successful upon release for Steam back in March last year.

For Honor Gear Stat Guide

For Honor has several pieces of gear that you can get, and they all have certain stats.Each piece has 3 stats, raises one of them, and lowers 1-2 of the others.

Fire Emblem Heroes Update: A Guide to New Heroes Julia and Seliph

We've had new mobile entry Fire Emblem Heroes for less than a month and we've already gotten a major update that adds in new content and additional heroes for beefing up your army's roster.This green hero spellcaster starts with 15-17 HP, 8-10 Atk, and has the following skills available to learn:  New Hero Julia Now we're talking!

Is Splatoon 2 Nintendo's Full Court Press For eSports?

With the pending arrival of Splatoon 2 this summer, Nintendo has released some new details regarding the title -- and they suggest that the game will be very viable for eSports."LAN Play" will allow connections between up to eight docked systems using a wired LAN setup.

First 24-Hour Channel Dedicated to eSports Coming Soon

Today it was announced that the first 24 hour channel featuring eSports will launch in Canada.The deal was formed between Canadian broadcaster Super Channel and GINX eSports TV.

Fire Emblem Heroes February Update Brings New Heroes: Ephraim and Eirika

The first major North American update for Fire Emblem Heroes has already arrived, and it brought about changes that fans clamored for.An expected March update will then further add in experience for beating opponents of far lower level, helping to reduce the grind.

Smedley to Head San Diego Amazon Game Studio

Former Sony Online Entertainment President, John Smedley, will be leading Amazon's new game studio in San Diego.He continued to lead projects for Sony Online Entertainment, including Star Wars: Galaxies, Everquest II, Planetside 2 and H1Z1.

How to Make Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft 1.12

The latest snapshot is already available, which includes a possibility of crafting a new type of block -- glazed terracotta.) Here is the full rundown of how you can make glazed Terracotta in Minecraft.

For Honor Review: Fighting Done Right

At times it is a fighting game, and others it is an objective/MOBA.The elements that come together to make For Honor provide for a fantastic experience, but there are still some frustrations.

Pokemon GO Update Introduces Johto Pokémon and Much More!

Encounter gameplay is said to be tweaked as well, with Pokémon acting in "new ways as you're trying to catch them.Outside of encounters, you can further customize your trainer with a new selection of clothing and accessories.