Innowin and Mondo Zax joins the MXM Team

Following up on the last Master X Master post, the developers have released two more Masters to the roster.The first is Innowin, another original for MXM, while the second is Mondo Zax from the world of WildStar.

Starbreeze is taking charge of Cinemaware titles

The entire library of Cinemaware can now be used by Starbreeze for publication purposes for as long as they wish, and Starbreeze plans to do quite a bit.For many, Cinemaware set the bar for fun and immersive gaming in the ATARI and AMIGA-era.

Subnautica gets a re-charge!

A brand new update for Subnautica which will put you right to sleep.More survival techniques are being added in Subnautica this week, this time in the form of sleeping and charging batteries.

Younger Audiences don't know about WW1 according to EA

Did World War 1 ever happen?According to EA, some people don't even know about it.

Golf With Your Friends Adds New Map

According to a community post from Blacklight Interactive on Steam, the company has added a new map, called "Twilight," to the early access game Golf With Your Friends.This update shared an intention to “start work on adding graphical settings and optimizations, fixing ongoing bugs and cleaning up this level.

Nordic Games to Showcase Their "Big Four" RPGs at E3 2016

With a mix of medieval simulations, RTS/RPG mash-ups, Post-apocalyptic wastelands where Sci-Fi meets Fantasy, and a love letter to classic Japanese RPGs, Nordic's lineup is shaping up to have something for fans of all types of RPGs.The Guild 3 allows players to create their own economic dynasty in a medieval setting.

Overwatch Review: Believe the Hype

Since it's announcement, Overwatch has been followed with an almost unbelievable amount of hype -- which can be a dangerous thing for a new IP.For a game just launching, Overwatch already has a ton of content.

RPG plus Terraria? 2 Mods to Spice Up Your Game!

Enter The Story of Red Cloud, where Terraria and Dark Souls come together in a huge adventure!You dig your way out and then make your way to the nearest village to find out what exactly happened.

Game(Skinny) of Thrones: Predicting Episode 7 With WWE 2K16

He needs to learn to control his powers or risk being killed (or worse) by The Night King and his army.Their next confrontation will likely come in the same place their last one did-- in one of Bran's visions.

One Piece: Burning Blood is Stuck in Second Gear

Most One Piece: Burning Blood matches devolve into strafe-fests, with players doing their best to avoid long range attacks and countering with long-range attacks of their own.Now, for all the negatives the game's combat brings, the set dressing for the game is amazing.

Dubai is Littered With Abandoned Super Cars EVERYWHERE

Dubai is known for its absurd opulence and unbelievable wealth.You see this all the time in games, movies (ahem, Fast and Furious 7).

She Should Have Worn A Different Shirt For This Ride

Dayanis Garcia thought it would be a great idea when the drivers offered her a joy ride between shots at her latest photo shoot.She didn't know quite what she was in for however, or she may have worn a top with a little more support.

Xbox Two Is On The Way For 2017 Release

Some anonymous sources have leaked that there are a couple new Xbox consoles headed our way.They're tentatively titled the Xbox One Slim and the Xbox Two (aka Xbox Scorpio), but we're still holding out for the Xbox 720.

Zombies map The Giant available for standalone purchase

Remake of Zombies map De Riese, The Giant map is now available for purchase on Steam.Though the map was first announced as part of special Collector Editions and would only accessible to Season Pass owners, now players may purchase "The Giant" at their leisure for $5.

Cosmic Star Heroine finally gets trailer and more

Nearly three years later, the wait to play Cosmic Star Heroine is almost over.Today on the PlayStation Blog, developer Robert Boyd of Zeboyd Games announced Cosmic Star Heroine with a teaser trailer.

The First Person to Hit 100 in Overwatch

Now I thought I was playing a bit too much since the game released but this puts my shame to shame.With 13 hours of each day going into playing you have to wonder if he ever decided to stop in a moment of clarity.

Dunkey Spoofs His Own YouTube Career With YouTuber Simulator

Videogamedunkey, known for his unique voice and erratically hilarious commentary, and the absurdist way he plays and reviews video games, tackles a novelty sim-game called YouTuber Simulator in a scathing and ridiculously meta fashion.The game puts you in the shoes of an aspiring YouTube star, stuck your parents house, itching to break big and become Internet famous.

Phoenix Point: First Screenshot Revealed

The game comes from the mind of Julian Gollop, the creator of the original X-COM and (more recently) Chaos Reborn.Few details have emerged on Snapshot's latest game; however, we do have the very first screenshot to tide us over until more is revealed.

Former League Pro "Snoopeh" Joins Charity Advisory Team

Yesterday, former professional League of Legends player Stephen "Snoopeh" Ellis joined the advisory team of Operation Supply Drop (OSD), a charity that supports veterans and active duty military with the power of video games.Previously, Ellis had played in League tournaments across the world -- not only as a player, but also as a team captain and manager.

Metal Gear Solid Pachinko trailer gets more dislikes than Infinite Warfare

The trailer shows a beautifully remade version of the climactic battle between Naked Snake and The Boss, one of the most iconic scenes of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.But at this moment, it has almost thirty thousand dislikes and less than a thousand likes.