Resident Evil 7 Guide Solving the Toy Axe Puzzle

Inside the Kid's Room, go to the center of the room and pick up the lamp on the dresser.Kid's Room Lamp Go up the ladder and head through the attic area until you find a shelf where the wooden toy axe is sitting.

Every Resident Evil 7 Weapon and Where to Find Them

Below we cover how to find every single melee and ranged weapon in the game.Axe Your basic melee weapon, this one is handed to you during the main story by a deputy in the Main House 1F area.

Resident Evil 7 Boss Guide: How to Beat Marguerite Baker

Below we cover the strategies for both of these difficult Resident Evil 7 boss battles in the old house and greenhouse areas.The first battle takes place in the old house after finding the Burner weapon.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Where to Find the Snake Key

Go through the incinerator room to the boiler room and then onto the area of the map marked as the dissection room.It's gross, but there's no other choice if you want that nifty snake key.

HipHopGamer Attacks IGN Reviewer Chloi Rad for Review of Resident Evil 7

After trumpeting the Resident Evil VII’s praises, which is par for the course with his videos, he begins saying that any reviewer who gives the game a 7 or an 8, he would have them debate or battle.At about 5:05 seconds into the video, he is informed that IGN reviewer Chloi Rad gave the game a 7.

Atlas Reactor Just Went F2P, But What Must It Do Better to Keep Our Attention?

Trion Worlds made a big decision with Season 2 of their turn-based strategy game Atlas Reactor.Each round is timed, so the player's decisions are fast paced, even with pretty in depth tactical options.

Titanfall 2 is not a Game to Sleep On

The story for the campaign is a fun one.There is one mission in the game that is probably one of the best levels I have seen in a long time.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Is PS VR Best

All of that silence came to an end on January 24, when Resident Evil 7: Biohazard became available to the masses.That is why it is the best PS VR game yet.

Apocolypse Now- the Game is being Kickstarted

In 1979, director Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now was released to near universal praise.Now, 38 years after its release, Apocalypse Now may be getting a video game adaptation.

5 Reasons Why Dragon Quest VIII is the Best Dragon Quest Game Ever Made

When Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King made its way over from Japan in 2005, it was a revelation.The Dragon Quest series had something of a checkered history, especially outside of its native country where it was renamed Dragon Warrior.

Tattletail Review - Five Nights At Furbies

It’s when I took my first step that I realized this was going to be a “fun” experience.Shaking your flashlight (which charges it), sprinting, or neglecting your Tattletail’s needs all cause noise.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Is the Perfect Starting Place for New Players

The mobile version of the popular trading card game has new features and ways to play that are distinctively different from the game's rules and basic set-up.However, the game itself plays very well and is addicting -- for veteran fans of the franchise and for newcomers alike.

Gravity Rush 2 Quick Guide: Farming Precious Gems Faster

There are three types of missions that will net you precious gems in Gravity Rush 2: main story missions, challenge missions, and mining missions.Tip: You can get precious gems outside of Gravity Rush 2's missions, as many can be found littered throughout GR2’s many locations.

Square Enix assembles with Marvel for The Avengers Project

On Twitter this morning, Marvel and Square Enix announced a multi-year, multi-game deal between their studios -- beginning with the announcement of The Avengers Project.The partnership pairs Square Enix and Marvel into a powerful alliance in gaming and interactive entertainment.

A Normal Lost Phone Released Today...What Secrets Do You Have?

French developer Accidental Queens has announced the release of A Normal Lost Phone on Android, iOS, and Steam today.As anyone who has lost a phone knows, some of our most personal and private information is stored on there -- and losing it or having it stolen can wreak untold havoc with your life.

Pokemon Mod for ARK: Survival Evolved? It's Happening and You Should Join In

How about in another game, another virtual setting?Well, the Mystic Academy from Steam created Pokemon mod for ARK: Survival Evolved that went online last week.

Resident Evil 7 Guide: Snake Key Location

Go through the incinerator room to the boiler room and then onto the area of the map marked as the dissection room.It's gross, but there's no other choice if you want that nifty snake key.

Resident Evil 7 Treasure Photo Locations and Secret Stash Directions

There's something weird about the fact that you are now officially looking at a "toilet treasure" photo.In order to find this photo and treasure you first need to have already acquired the snake key (see our guide here).

How Strategy Games Could be Better if They Had More Weather

As strategy games become more and more concerned with iterative releases (Civilization 6, Dawn of War 3, etc.Some of a player's most memorable moments in gaming come from weather effects.

What Exactly Does TouchSense Haptic Feedback Add to the Switch?

And while touchscreen controls are nothing new, Immersion's new technology can bring console quality touchscreen games into the public market.For example, the slight vibration the user feels when moving icons, on either iOS or Android smartphones is a type haptic feedback.