Loot tables for Overwatch have been cracked

Want to know what your chance at a Legendary drop is?From watching over 1,000 loot box openings from Overwatch players on YouTube, Reddit user Ourobouros was able to create a listing of the loot drop percentages in the game.

Warcraft Could be China’s Biggest Hollywood Import

The Warcraft film maybe reviewing badly with American critics but its popularity in China appears to ignore this altogether.As of late, World of Warcraft's first feature film, Warcraft has not reviewed well among critics.

World of Final Fantasy's Recent Screenshots Show New Heroes and Villains

Square Enix has released a number of new screenshots for their upcoming RPG, World of Final Fantasy.These screenshots provide more insight on the heroes and villains of the game, including Legend Characters like Vivi of Final Fantasy IX.

I Am Setsuna wants to bring back old school JRPGs

I Am Setsuna, published by Square Enix and developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, is setting itself up to be the modern return to the classic staples of the RPG genre.The developer has managed to acquire some notable talent, featuring character designs by Toi8, a notable Japanese artist whose portfolio includes that of Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist, and even the 2012.

Take control of crime and business in GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony

On June 7, GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony will be released on Xbox One and PS4.Rockstar just released their newest trailer for their new game Grand Theft Auto Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony.

Among the Sleep Becoming Available on Xbox One

Now Among the Sleep can be played on yet another console, certain to broaden its audience Norway-based Krillbite Studio has announced that Among the Sleep will finally be coming to Xbox One.The first-person indie horror game was originally only available on computer systems, and then came PlayStation 4 late last year -- making the Xbox One the latest addition to the list of consoles on which the game can be played.

Get Ready for the 15th European Splatfest on June 11

Next Splatoon, Splatfest is this weekend!Players can pick their Splatfest teams at the Splatfest booth in the plaza prior to the Splatfest itself.

Rainbow Six Starter Edition temporarily removes the siege on your wallet

Ubisoft has released a new version of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and it is called the “Starter Edition”.99 price point and includes full access to the Rainbow Six Siege game, but provides a new system for unlocking content.

Only half a year later, Steam Machine sales are frighteningly low

It has been a little over half a year since the release of Valve’s Steam Machine, and Valve recently announced that it has shipped over 500,000 units of its new Steam Controller -- a number that seems somewhat low in comparison to the machine's console competitors.But in addition to the already low figure, Ars Technica has confirmed that the actual number of Steam Machines sold is much lower, because that 500k number corresponds to the number of Steam Controllers sold, not actual console units.

Rumor: The Last of Us 2 May Be Announced at E3

The sequel, long awaited by fans, has not been officially announced, but considering some hints from Naughty Dog, it's likely that they will announce it soon, possibly at E3.We were also brainstorming ideas for TLOU 2 with Joel and Ellie; ideas for a sci-fi game; ideas for a fantasy game, and building prototypes for each one of those ideas.

EGX Teams up with Amazon

They are also working together with publishers to bring more to the show this year.Attendees will be able to meet designers, developers, and eSports community members at the GamesIndustry.

Puzzle game The Witness gets converted into NES ROM

The Witness just got demaked by dustmop with a NES game called The Wit.It's an NES ROM appropriately titled The Wit.

Rick Fox Set to Produce Non-Scripted eSports Series

As a staunch enthusiast of all things eSports, Rick Fox's next plan of action is a documented eSports series.Despite having multiple successful teams under his organization, Rick Fox has decided to continue popularizing the growing online gaming community.

Real-Life Pong Table Looks Straight Out Of 1972!

It's a simple game, yet addictive and entertaining -- at least that's what Daniel Perdomo, leader of the Pong Project, thinks.He and his team spent over two years designing a real-life table version of the game, complete with score board, two paddles and a square ball.

Rumor: Nintendo NX delayed to include VR

The Nintendo's NX delayed until early 2017, and supply chain sources think it's for adding VR to the console, along with increased mobile functionality.According to Digitimes, Nintendo's NX is delayed until early 2017.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap will make platformers more whimsical

WonderBoy III will receive a modern remake as Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.The title is on schedule to release for consoles and PC.

Minecraft Pocket Edition: Pistons Coming in New Update

Pistons, achievements, and mysterious "friendliness"!Mojang has anounced that Minecraft Pocket Edition's newest update has now gone into beta testing.

Battle-Cars Afterschock and Marauder Return in Rocket League

Indie game studio Psyonix posted today on their blog that two classic cars of their Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars game from 2008, the Aftershock and Marauder, will return in Rocket League as premium DLC.The Marauder and Aftershock cars will retain their original thematic design.

Evolution 2016 Is Going To Be The Biggest Super Smash Bros Tournament Ever

The Evolution Championship Series is the biggest fighting game tournament in the world.Since Evo's inception back in 2002, the tournament has been growing steadily larger every year -- and in 2016, Evo will set the record for most entrants into any Super Smash Bros tournament ever.

Path of Exile Content Update 2.3.0 and Prophecy Challenge Leagues Launches June 4

This update includes the "Prophecy Challenge League," which will be playable in both Standard and Hardcore modes, both with similar content.The "Prophecy Challenge League" will replace the "Perandus Challenge League," which was launched back in March 4 along with the Ascendancy expansion.