Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event (Year of the Rooster)

The new capture the flag mode is called, “Capture the Rooster”.Mei is the talk of this event because her Chinese New Year skin makes her look thinner.

Multi-crew Ships and Commander Creation to be Included in Elite: Dangerous Beta

Only the chosen ones -- commanders selected by Frontier will be able to participate in Beta Test of a new expansion pack for Elite: Dangerous.3 of the game will be going into Beta stage on 26th February and will feature major additions to ED Universe.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Every Wardrobe Objective in 0.2

8 gives us a glimpse of Kingdom Hearts 3 from the Birth by Sleep Fragmentary Passage.You won't be collecting new keyblades and equipment, but you can change how Aqua looks with the Wardrobe.

Pit People - How to Get a Co-op Game Started

Chances are if you enjoyed The Behemoth's previous games, you'll love Pit People.I am here to inform new buyers about how to start a co-op game.

7 Overwatch Skins that Don't Exist, But Should

(Seriously will I ever get a legendary Hanzo Skin or will he get yet more tattoo skins.Widowmaker skins that I would also like to see could are origins skins, such as her past life before being brainwashed.

Virtual Reality Post Pokémon GO

The games in virtual reality won’t need wait for us in the near future, they are already here.As you can see the first steps to the world of the virtual reality are already done.

Fantasy Life: The Review

I have really enjoyed playing Fantasy Life.There are also so many different ways to play as you can focus on one career or many.

Fire Up Your Spotify, SEGA Soundtracks Are Available

Yesterday, it was revealed that SEGA now has a playlist for their video game soundtracks.You will find music from the Sega Dreamcast such as Jet Grind Radio.

Clear Your Calendars, There's a New PAX Event Happening In November

But this year, one more event is getting added -- PAX Unplugged.Set to kick off in Philadelphia, PA on November 17-19 of this year, PAX Unplugged is geared toward fans of tabletop, board, and card games.

Pokemon Duel - What Is the "Text Not Found" Error, and Other Issues

You're not alone if you've been getting the "Text Not Found" error in Pokemon Duel.With so many people hopping on the game's fresh servers, there are bound to be issues.

Tales of Berseria - Grade Shop Guide

The Grade Shop is back at full force in Tales of Berseria with the return of the Grading system of old.For the uninitiated, the Grade Shop is where you go to purchase buffs and upgrades for your New Game Plus (NG+) playthrough.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - Where is Muse Magazine?

The new Kim Kardashian: Hollywood update brought a bunch of new content, and one request is really throwing players off.You've probably bounced all over the place so far, and since Simon doesn't give you any indication as to where Muse Magazine is located, you've got to try to remember where it is.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a PS VR Triumph

All of that silence came to an end on January 24, when Resident Evil 7: Biohazard became available to the masses.This is because Resident Evil is the biggest name to hit virtual reality -- It is a known franchise for a large portion of gamers.

Dark Souls' Final DLC will Bring an End to an Era

For years, the Dark Souls franchise has been a punishing trial for sadistic gamers across the globe.Now, with the release of a second Dark Souls 3 DLC, titled The Ringed City, the Souls series will finally bring a close to an age of fire.

Technology and The Gaming Connection

It would take about 30 years from gaming technology to develop into something practical for the average consumer.Since then, gaming companies and systems have constantly sought the best technology for the most advanced features.

Never Played Online Games? Try These 7 to Get Started Off Right.

Let's face it -- online games can be intimidating to someone who hasn't played them before.A good introductory game should be accessible to new players and straightforward to play from the start.

The Technology and the Gaming Connection

The first gaming device, an electromechanical device called Nimatron, was invented by nuclear physicist Edward Condon in 1940 for the New York World’s Fair.It would take about 30 years from gaming technology to develop into something practical for the average consumer.

Why Too Many Horror Games Rely on Isolation for Scares -- But Shouldn't

Successfully using the feeling of isolation is a staple of the modern horror genre with games like Amnesia, Alien: Isolation, Outlast and even the new Resident Evil using this dynamic to its full effect.All of these games go out of their way to make you make you feel truly alone, and with this feeling naturally comes fear.

Winston: Imagination Is the Essence of Discovery

Despite being raised a world away from humanity, his belief in humanity's capacity for greatness exceeds most people's.He taught Winston everything he knows about science, he gave Winston all the bananas and peanut butter he could eat, and he even read stories to him.

5 JRPGs You Should Play Instead Of Tales Of Berseria

Why should that stop you from playing other games though?If you make a list about JRPGs to play this one should always be there.