Street Fighter V's Freebie Beta Test is Basically A Free Demo

I’m not going to mince words here: Street Fighter V was a huge letdown.The effort may be too little too late, though, as Capcom is only now addressing the issues that have been plaguing the fighting game sequel for more than a year.

Will Blizzard Release Hearthstone for Nintendo Switch?

While many are wondering if Blizzard will announce Diablo 4 or StarCraft 3, some fans think there’s a chance that we will hear news that some of Blizzard's games will be released for Nintendo Switch.The rumors are founded in the idea that Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the free online card game, is a great candidate for the Nintendo Switch console.

The Geekiest April Fools Pranks 2017

Remember last year's hilarious April Fools pranks, like Think Geek manufacturing the Plumbus, PornHub becoming CornHub (hot young corn gets plowed!When dealing with gaming, there's a line to straddle for April Fools gags.

Nintendo Announces New Splatoon 2 Map at ESL Europe Grand Final

Today at the Splatoon Europe Grand Finals competition, a new Splatoon 2 map was announced by Nintendo.This map, called Humpback Pump Track, looks as if it could have been ripped straight out of a Tony Hawk game in the best way possible.

Yooka-Lalyee and Friends Drop Familiar, Sick Rap Beats

If you listen closely to both, you'll notice the Yooka-Laylee Rap shares the identical rhythm of the Donkey Kong Rap -- and notably, it shares the same aesthetics, rhyme flow, and beat as well.Both go into detail about who's on the cover of the box and why they matter, like most rap songs do.

After the StarCraft Remaster....Is Diablo 2 Next?

Now in the wake of the announcement, some gamers are wondering about the possibility of a Diablo II remaster.However, I think that there’s a real chance that we can expect a remaster of Diablo for the 25th anniversary and maybe Diablo II remaster for the 20th anniversary in 2020.

Destiny 2 Needs to Wisen Up to Succeed Long Term

So the question to ask is; what can Destiny 2 improve upon and do to avoid it having the same fate as its predecessor?Then with the release of Titanfall 2 back in October, it sold well below expectations -- now sure you can blame this on the monstrous release schedule from fall of last year, but how exactly can Destiny 2 also avoid this same fate?

Nintendo's Future is Looking Bright Right About Now

According to Eddie Makuch's article on GameSpot, Nintendo's newest console, the Nintendo Switch, has been the fastest selling console in a large number of major markets around the globe.On top of that, GameStop Merchandising Director Eric Bright has said that so far, the sales of the Nintendo Switch since release have "been phenomenal.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.6.2 Patch Has Been Released

Now, Alpha 2.The new patch adds a multiplayer mega map to Arena Commander and Star Marine modes.

Rogue Stormers Finally Releases For Everyone Outside North America

The game Rogue Stormers, developed by the German-based studio Black Forest Games and published by SOEDESCO, releases today outside of North America, where it was released on September 8.Boxed releases for North America should arrive later this year.

Indiewatch: Knock Knock - A Unique Psychological Horror

In order for a game to be covered on Indiewatch, it must fit into the following criteria: This week, we are taking a look at the psychological horror title, Knock Knock, developed and published by Russian developer Ice-Pick Lodge.Because Knock Knock's narrative and plot are both vague and nebulous, many people have their own theories about the game.

Five Baseball Gaming Series We Want To See Return

I'm bored of baseball games.Today, let's count down a few (not counting EA Sports' MVP Baseball or the 2K series) that need to make a serious comeback.

StarCraft: Brood War 1.18 Delayed, But You Can Play on the PTR Right Now

Officially postponed as Blizzard irons out issues with the game's first actual update in eight years, you don't have to wait for the free Brood War update.Yes, it is possible to download the patch and give it a whirl on the Public Test Realm (PTR) right now.

The Path to Die Carving and Cutting Its Way to Kickstarter This May

The Path To Die is coming this May to Kickstarter from Cat Logic Games, a small indie studio based out of Barcelona, Spain, and founded in 2015.Development of Path To Die is already in its advanced stages, according to A recent press release.

Mad Catz is Roadkill -- Hardware Dev to Officially Shut Its Doors and File for Bankruptcy

Any assets the company owned will be sold to the highest bidder from its new trustee, PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.“Pursuant to the assignment in bankruptcy, PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc.

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Now Has No Time Limit

But before that launches, Square has removed the time limit from the game's free trial period so prospective players can test it out at their leisure.At launch, Square Enix allowed new players to try FFXIV in a free trial that was very limited.

Hollow Knight: A Dark Yet Whimsical Gaming Experience

So, when I was told that I was going to reviewing Hollow Knight -- a recently released Metroidvania with a "Very Positive" rating on Steam -- I was quite excited.But Hollow Knight does a good job of introducing you to it without putting you in over your head.

Xur Vendor Location in Destiny This Week (3/31-4/2)

With all the hype happening around this week's Destiny 2 announcement, a lot of you are probably flooding back to Destiny and biding time until it releases.If you've got Strange Coins to spend and need some new wares, you're probably on the hunt for Xur this weekend.

Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Fusion Mod Info and Locations

These are unique mods that you can only get by completing certain things in the game, and you only get one of each.I'm going to list what each Fusion Mod does and where to get them.

Snake Pass is a Great Appetizer for Yooka-Laylee Fans

I’m talking about the collect-till-you-die 3D platformer -- where’s all the love gone for these age-old scavenger hunts?Admittedly, though, as I mentioned before a lot of the excitement has to do with the fact that there aren’t a whole lot of choices aside from Yooka-Laylee to tide me over until then.