They Shall Not Pass: A Look at Battlefield 1's First Expansion

So we're going to breakdown exactly what the newest entry in the Battlefield franchise is bringing to the table.Like four of the nine maps from the main game, all of the maps for "They Shall Not Pass" take place across France.

Yandere Simulator Developer Gives Warning To Game Developers

On January 22, 2016, Yandere Simulator was banned from Twitch for currently unknown reasons.If you haven't heard of Yandere Simulator, it's not too surprising.

Seven Simple Steps to Surviving the Next Steam Sale -- and Saving Money

Anyway, with the Steam Winter Sale safely behind us, I believe it is time to make sure that we don’t overspend (as much) on the next one.If you’re an average PC gamer, odds are that you know all about Steam and its glorious sales.

4 Anime That Would Make Great RPGs

So here's a quick list of some of my favorite anime that could have done pretty well as games.There's a lot of them too, and I'm struggling to not just say every fight in HunterxHunter.

3 Things Horizon Zero Dawn Must Deliver on to Win Us Over

So, here are 3 things Horizon Zero Dawn must deliver on to win us over I am so excited to see what this game's story has to offer.Set in a post apocalyptic world where humanity lives like their cavemen ancestors, Horizon Zero Dawn is a novel take on the typical apocalyptic fare.

Tired of Civilization VI? Try Out These Awesome Indie Strategy Games Instead

Colonising Mars may make a nice change to sending your legions out to take over the Earth, and Planetbase offers you exactly that.It's a world-building game, so there's a definite shift in pace and focus to the Civilization strategy you may be expecting.

Here Are All the Pros and Cons of the Switch We Know So Far

After the disaster that was the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch looks set to put Nintendo back on the map, alongside its competitors.The Switch's controller takes a giant leap back (or forward?

Can't Play Tales of Berseria? Try These Tales of Games Instead

So, if you haven't played Tales of Berseria yet (for whatever reason), here are some of the best games the franchise has to offer -- and that you can play right now.Okay so this one isn't exactly a good one that deserves your attention.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find the 3 Flowers for Objective 34

8 is to find three flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather in the Forest of Thorns.You can get these flowers even if you missed them and went on to the next world during your first playthrough.

Why Guild Wars 2 Is (Still) Worth Playing

In Guild Wars 2, this is no longer a problem.Clearly, Guild Wars 2 was built to promote cooperation between players when fighting enemies and doing most of the game content.

Tales of Berseria Guide: How to Solve the Door Puzzle in Palamides Temple

Upon entering the second main area of Palamides Temple, players are greeted by a door with seven jewels embedded in a circular pattern upon its surface.Tales of Berseria asks you to light all seven of the jewels in order to unlock the door and proceed with the story.

Hands On with the Nintendo Switch at Toronto's Nintendo Event

Today was the last day of the Nintendo Switch Preview Tour in Toronto for ticket holders before the public showing on Jan.29, and crowds were excited to finally get their hands on the newest, and elusive, Nintendo console for a test run.

Where the Hell is Cyberpunk 2077

Announced in 2012, Cyberpunk 2077 was meant to bring tabletop RPG Cyberpunk 2020 to life on the small screen.Developed by CD Projekt RED, Cyberpunk 2077 wowed gamers with its fantastic teaser trailer but has been quiet ever since.

Mobile Game Chezz Actually Makes Chess Really Interesting

From the conventional Chess set up to setting the board up diagonally with half the pieces, each game of Chezz will be different from the last.Online matches can be laggy, game pieces don't always register, and there are some long ads that play between matches.

Gravity Rush 2 Guide: How to Get Dusty Tokens & What They're For

That said, it’s best to get the fastest times you possibly can for each Challenge Mission if you plan to go this route for Dusty Tokens.The third and final way you can obtain Dusty Tokens is by using GR2’s photo mode.

4 .io Games to Look Out for in 2017

The free mobile and browser game market has always flourished with simple, yet addictive games.And while Flash games may be a thing of the past, high schoolers and procrastinators everywhere are getting their quick game fix through.

Everything We Know About For Honor So Far

For Honor has had a bit of a bumpy pre-launch, but for those of us still excited to see the game's release, let's compile what we know.Once the player has chosen a hero from their faction, they start a match with a mob of weaker AI units.

Get Famous with These Minecraft Celebrity Skins

what is appealing about nudity in Minecraft's pixelated format?Nope, the most searched-for celebrity Minecraft skin this week was none other than.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find All the Secrets in The World Within

The second world you go to in Kingdom Hearts 2.Here, there are 3 objectives that involve solving mysteries and secrets.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Where to Find All 7 Gems for Objective 29

The second world you go to in Kingdom Hearts 2.One of the mirrors leads you into a fragmented mine area from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.