Shovel Knight's Finally Getting the Spectre Knight Update

Beloved 16 bit platformer, Shovel Knight, will finally be getting its Specter of Torment update on PC on April 5th, with the update coming to other consoles at an undetermined time later this month.The expansion will also cover the origin of Specter Knight and how he came into that position.

Uncharted 4 - Creating Characters That Live Outside the Game

The list of songs available; however, does not consist of the pieces used in the soundtrack of the game.The songs compiled are listed as the favorites from the quartet of characters of the production -- Nathan, Sam, Elena and Sullivan.

EGX Rezzed 2017: Day One - London Bound

Although this first day was largely taken up by interviews and meet and greets, there were some definite game highlights.The new game content was in development even before the band's frontman Lemmy Kilmister tragic death in 2015 after losing his battle with cancer.

Guild Wars 2's Super Adventure Festival Has Come Back

Beginning as a "game within a game," Super Adventure Festival, or Super Adventure Box (SAB) as it's also known, first appeared in 2013 as an April Fool's joke, but quickly gained popularity within GW2's community.Using pixelated graphics and "old school," retro music, the game world starkly contrasts with the traditional Guild Wars 2 experience.

Retrowatch: Quake -- The Game That Gave Us So Much

Despite that, the game's combat is still fast and furious and overall, it is a satisfying experience.Much like the rest of Id Software's games, Quake too had varying difficulties that catered to all players.

Get Ready for the Chaos-Packed Gameplay Trailer in Agents of Mayhem

Deep Silver has just released an all-new trailer of Agents of Mayhem -- an open-world third-person action game that succeeds the legacy of the Saints Row series.The latest trailer showcased chaotic gameplay actions from multiple playable characters -- which marks the first appearance of new protagonists not originally in the first trailer -- such as Yeti and Scheherazade.

Can't Get Enough Episodes? Try These 5 Choose-Your-Own-Story Mobile Games Too!

But that's why we have games like Episodes to keep us in check.Because the developers behind Campus Crush, Episode Interactive, created the game Episodes as well.

Finally Finished Resident Evil 7? Try Out These Survival Horror Games Next!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a new survival horror game that came out in February 2017.There are quite a few endings and each game is around 9 hours of game play.

The Story So Far -- Yoshimitsu (Part 2)

Welcome back to 'The Story So Far'- Yoshimitsu (Part 2), delving deeper into the character we love yet know almost nothing about.In Part 2, I will be covering his escapades and quests throughout the Tekken universe to better understand his story.

Should Video Games Be Criticised for Not Holding the Player's Hand?

Over the past decade, gamers have become ever more dependent on video games telling them how they are played and what to do.But should those video games that don't hold a player's hand but really criticised for it?

7 Hilarious Mobile Games That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

If you're ever on the go and don't mind mobile gaming, take the time to download these hilarious but also fun games to take a midday break every now and then.Most of these games are pretty time consuming, however, so don't say I didn't warn you.

How to Check Availability for Nintendo Switch Stock in Your Area

Like with any product, it is important to balance the supply with the demand, and the Nintendo Switch is no different.But according to an interview with Wired, Fils-Aime has done his best to assuage the fear that the supply of Nintendo Switch will not meet the demands.

Get Ready to Rumble Your Way to a Total Extreme Wrestling Discount

Using code MANIA17, you can purchase Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 for 10% off.The game includes 500 features, including some that fans of the series have asked to be added.

Everything You Need to Know About the Current & Upcoming Fighting Games on the Switch

We've just been hit with an influx of fighting games released for the Nintendo Switch.And what can we expect from upcoming fighting games for the console?

For Honor Can't Maintain a Playerbase with Its Prevalent Connection Problems

For Honor launched back in February and a friend of mine perfectly described it as a “casual filter.Because most people go into For Honor thinking it'll be another pickup and play online game, without much mastery required.

Archer, P.I. Mobile Game Asks You To Be a Detective During the Show

Fans of the FXX series Archer can look forward to a whole new way to enjoy the show with the new Archer, P.Developed by Floyd County and FX Networks, the app brings viewers a unique experience: interactive television meets augmented reality gaming.

3 Indie Shooters with Amazingly Accurate Weapons

As such, shooters are some of my favorite games and have been since I was a kid.And today, shooters, particularly first-person shooters, are possibly the most popular game genre in the world.

Beloved YouTube Series, Freeman's Mind, Returns on the Worst Possible Day

From the brilliant mind of YouTube user Ross Scott of Accursed Farms comes the potential and unlikely return of the beloved Freeman's Mind series.If you're sitting there scratching your head, not sure what the Freeman's Mind series is, here's a quick run-down.

The Main Problem with Weapons in First Person Shooters

Let’s pick on Battlefield 1 a little more as it’s one of the newest and best examples available.Mortars, explosives, grenades, pistols, and a wide variety of melee weapons ranging from knives to shovels are in their kits.

Yooka-Laylee and Friends Drop Familiar, Sick Rap Beats

Instead of an awful prank, they have instead given us a wonderful throw back to the Donkey Kong Rap of yesteryear in the form of the new Yooka-Laylee Rap.If you listen closely to both, you'll notice the Yooka-Laylee Rap shares the identical rhythm of the Donkey Kong Rap -- and notably, it shares the same aesthetics, rhyme flow, and beat as well.