Retro Rewind - Balloon Fight Review

this is Balloon Fight!Almost everyone remembers and loves the Balloon Fight theme along with the tunes that accompany the arena levels.

EGX Rezzed 2017: Day Two - Uniqueness Reigns Supreme

In a complete turn around to what happened on day one, on day two I got a lot of time to play and explore some of the awesome games that were exhibiting at this year's EGX Rezzed show.My schedule was packed with demos and chats and I got to play some very unique and interesting games.

Prey Trailer Gives New Look At Weapons, Gadgets and Gear

The initial trailer for the game debuted at E3 2016, but this new trailer goes in depth on more weapons, gadgets and gear that will be experienced by the player first hand.The first piece of gear unveiled is the Transcribe, a communicator that is standard issue to all Talos I employees.

NieR: Automata Reached 1-Million-Copies Milestone After One Month

Square Enix has just stated, in their latest press release, that the open-world action-adventure RPG NieR: Automata reached more than 1 million copies sold, this is since the PS4 full worldwide release on March 10.This milestone includes all numbers of physical and digital sales for both the PS4 and PC versions.

Yooka-Laylee Review: You Would Swear Collectathons Never Died

Everyone has different expectations of any game, and in the case of an older-style mascot platformer like Yooka-Laylee, those expectations are likely in line with your experiences with N64-era games like Banjo-Kazooie.Much of the game does in fact allow you to play the way you would like.

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition Review- Barking Up the Right Tree

The main thing that separates Sleeping Dogs from other open-world crime games, like Grand Theft Auto, is that hand-to-hand combat is the main method of fighting in the game.Since Sleeping Dogs is an open world game, transportation is paramount.

Stellar Tactics Puts the 'Explore' Back Into Exploration

If Gene Roddenberry (RIP) and James Cameron got together today to collaborate on a game I imagine it would look very much like Stellar Tactics.The game imagines space as a very dangerous place, but also filled with unimaginable discoveries and Errol Flynn worthy adventures.

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We'll find a way to get you back on track.The first place to try is the GameSkinny homepage.

The Witcher Franchise Hits BIG Sales Milestone - Potential Future?

When The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt released back in May 2015, the critical reception it received was a monumental success.The reviews came in hot, recieving multiple strong, to perfect scores from the likes of Gamespot (10/10), IGN (9.

The Story So Far -- The Resident Evil Cast (Part 1)

S 'Alpha' team, Chris began his life mission to eradicate bio-weapons after the 'Umbrella Mansion' incident.S 'Bravo' team, Forest was already found dead in the 'Umbrella Mansion', much to the dismay of 'Alpha' team.

Fixing Drop Rates in For Honor is Just a Band-Aid That Won't Stop It from Bleeding Out

For Honor is fighting an uphill battle and still very much struggling to remain relevant to its own player base.In that time the developer had attempted to appease the playerbase by attempting to fix drop rates within the game itself in the latest patch.

Rain World Highlights A Beautiful Dystopia For Platformers

Other indie platformers, such as the recent Hollow Knight, have received better reviews than Rain World but don't capitalize on the visuals nearly as well.Most of these ratings cite the style, the art, but like Rain World are hindered by difficulty.

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Completely Outclasses H1Z1’s Battle Royale

The mastermind behind the “Battle Royale” genre as a whole, Brendan Greene, the Creative Director of Bluehole inc.Back to H1Z1, The Battle Royale mode is just one part of the entire King of the Hill package.

Why Now Is the Best Time to Be a Gamer

In a recent conversation, my friend and I discussed how video games have changed throughout the years.With titles taking off like wildfire, consoles like the Xbox and PlayStation have had their communities grow larger than ever.

Fake News and Nuclear Launches: Darkly Satirical Games for Even Darker Times

Every day the news becomes more ludicrous to the point that satire sites no longer feel needed.Hilarious at the beginning and then more and more worrying the longer you play, this "social impact" web browser game, Fake It To Make It, is all about creating fake news to earn clicks and ad revenue.

Top 5 Most Helpful Threads in the Overwatch University Subreddit

This thread by Nitia can improve players’ gameplay and test a character's weapons, especially for new players.This type of training can also test characters’ abilities, like Ana’s sleep dart or Genji’s Dashblade.

Why I Rarely Play Free-to-Play Games

I do not dislike all games of any genre, especially of Free-To-Play MMOs.Over-saturation has led to stagnation in the field, with games like Wildstar and Elder Scrolls Online switching between the two.

Insanely Evil: 5+ Video Game Villains with Diagnosable Psychological Disorders

) Today I take a look at some villains that could've used my help before they destroyed *insert amount of resultant carnage*.Since her psychosis seems to be onset from extreme grief it seems clear she suffers from Major Depressive Disorder with features of psychosis.

3 Sexy Tetris Spin-Offs That Definitely Aren't Safe For Work

So, if you're into this kind of thing, no judgement, check these out.This game is available on Android, so as long as you're discreet with your phone, you might get away with playing this at work.

Extended Free Trial Announced for Dishonored 2

This morning Bethesda announced on their official blog that an extended free trial of Dishonored 2 would be made available via PSN Store, Xbox Live, and Steam on April 6th.The trial can be played through using either of the game's 2 unique protagonists: Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano (the protagonist from the first game).