PlayStation Now adds enough new games to overfill a hard drive

With the addition of these games, the PlayStation Now subscription service will have more than 400 games total in its catalog.Among the 50 new games added are: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, The Darkness II, Spec Ops: The Line, and Duke Nukem Forever.

Hong Kong Branch of Nintendo Addresses Translation Protests

Long-time Hong Kong Pokemon fans have been holding protests over the last week regarding name translation changes in the upcoming latest games, Pokemon Sun and Moon.And Nintendo's branch in Hong Kong has finally responded to the outcry.

New game from Volition Studios is set in Saints Row universe

Now they have broken that silence with the release of a new trailer for Agents of Mayhem on YouTube.Deep Silver, the publisher, announced the game through IGN, who described the game as, “an exclusively single-player-open-world action game featuring characters with cool guns, gadgets, and abilities to toy around with.

Dragon Quest Builders reaches 100,000 sales in Korea/Taiwan in less than a month

Noriyoshi Fujimoto, Dragon Quest Builders' producer, has written on his twitter that over 100,000 units of Dragon Quest Builders were sold in less than a month, in Asia (not including Japan).Translation: The Korean version and the Taiwan version of Dragon Quest Builders have been released in less than a month, and over 100,000 copies were sold!

Is More Mario Kart 8 DLC On The Way?

In addition, there appears to be a picture of racers crashing on the Mario Kart 64 track Kalimari Desert.This Tweet may hint that Nintendo is planning on adding more retro stages for players to race on.

John Green Reviews Daddy Long Legs

Author of The Fault in Our Stars and YouTube personality John Green recently reviewed the mobile app Daddy Long Legs on his channel.The game has players trying to walk for as long as possible by tapping the screen.

Modder Turns Drone Into City Scanner From Half-Life 2

Fortunately, this just might fit the bill: YouTube user Valplushka posted a video several days ago featuring the drone he modified to resemble the City Scanner from Half-Life 2.Extensive work was needed to make the Combine machine look-alike a reality, but Valplushka's creation is practically identical to its source material.

E3 Will Have VR Porn

There will be a virtual reality porn booth at E3 2016 in Los Angeles, run by pornographic website Naughty America.The company even has its own virtual reality headset inspired by Google Cardboard, which is currently selling at $20.

Overwatch Trophy and Achievement Guide

Overwatch is filled to the brim with unlockable sprays to leave your mark with, many of which can be obtained through completing the trophy (PS4) and achievement (Xbox One) challenges.So, to help the cause, we've compiled a list of every Overwatch trophy and achievement with some tips on how to snag some of the most elusive sprays.

Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Revealed

Snag exclusive DLC, 48-page art book, and a 9" Aloy statue for one of PlayStation's most anticipated action RPGs.Along with a new 2017 release date and trailer, Horizon Zero Dawn now has a collector's edition filled to the brim with extra goodies for those willing to spare the extra buck.

Total War: Warhammer — Skaven and Elves Could Be the Next Playable Factions

Total War: Warhammer was a huge hit, and Creative Assembly intends on taking that success all the way.Considering the game's size, the hard part is going to be guessing which faction they'll add next.

[Review] Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus: Come for the fighting stay for the boobs!

You play as female ninja warriors fighting through hordes of enemies in a Dynasty Warriors style of gameplay.From the very beginning, you see the focus of the game is on the boobs and assees of the girls.

Elon Musk is a fan of Overwatch

11 million followers, For any gamers who were wondering what system he plays Overwatch on, Musk was quick to state that he plays it on the PC.Blizzard and Smosh Games were both quick to acknowledge Musk's compliment with the following tweets, Overwatch is a multiplayer shooter that was released on May 24 for PS4, Xbox One, and the PC.

Persona 5 to release in North America February 2017

Originally announced in 2013 with a potential release in 2014, Persona 5’s release date was then pushed it up to 2016 at the Tokyo Game Show last year.The Japanese release date is now scheduled for September 15.

A Beginner's Guide To Hockey Stars

And with their newest release Hockey Stars, they've proven that they haven't lost a step.The game proceeds kind of like a turn-based game of air hockey, except that you have five paddles instead of one.

Champions Rise: A Guide to ESO's Veteran Rank Changes

One of the biggest changes found in ESO's Dark Brotherhood expansion (aside from all the new fun) is the removal of the Veteran Rank system from the base game.Every Veteran Rank converts directly to 10 Champion points.

Dead Rising 4 confirmed with leaked images

Shortly after Dead Rising 3 was released in 2013, rumors regarding a fourth episode were running around.A few days ago, insider Ekim rekindled the rumor, saying that Capcom Vancouver was working on Dead Rising 4, without adding further detail.

The Division is getting a(nother) Movie

Depending on how you look at it, Tom Clancy's The Division is getting a film adaptation.While video game movies can be dire or exceptional, the setting of The Division might help the film out.

Five songs to get People into Gaming

Looking for game music that doesn't sound like game music?Ever wanted to convert a non-believer into a video game playing badass?

Vivendi is the new Gameloft; what does that mean for Ubisoft?

In what is called a hostile takeover, Vivendi is taking this as a step into the path of taking over the French branch of Ubisoft.As a response to the takeover, Vivendi issued an email to Gameloft's employees that urges them to stay.