No Man's Sky UK Release is Bumped Up

Wait no longer, last week Hello Games announced new release dates.This tweet reveals the new launch date for No Man’s Sky in the UK, the North American release is still August 9, and August 10 for Europe with the UK being brought inline with the European release.

Diablo 3 Directs Exits Gaming Industry

Jay Wilson, director of Diablo III, reveals he is leaving the video game industry through a tweet.After 10 years with Blizzard Entertainment, Wilson decided to leave the video game industry and head back to his true passion, writing.

Injustice 2 Leaked Ahead of E3

The sequel to NetherRealm Studio's fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us has been outed and is expected to be revealed in a few weeks during E3.Thanks to a "helpful tipster", a snapshot for what is assumed to be a promotional poster was sent to Polygon.

Fans have made a Star Wars game approved for Steam, but will it be released?

Fan made Battlefront 3 remake has been approved for Steam release, but will it ever come out?Last year, Star Wars Battlefront 3 was released, and it was met with mixed emotions.

Video: Startling changes between Ubisoft's E3 demos and released game visuals

Something to watch before this year's E3--YouTuber CrowbCat released a video showing the graphical changes between Ubisoft's E3 demonstrations and actual PC gameplay (with maxed resolution settings).The differences go beyond textures--released games have different UI, different layouts, and overall a muddier appearance compared to their E3 predecessors.

PlayStation Original Series: POWERS Season 2 is here!

Check out the first episode, here!Hosted by Chloe Dykstra, this week’s After Powers will feature executive producer Remí Aubuchon and Olesya Rulin.

Two new campaign updates in the works for Shovel Knight

In 2014, the world of gaming was hooked on a game called Shovel Knight.Tons of people were streaming it on Twitch, making YouTube videos about the game, and everyone was talking about it.

Homemade Coke Bottle Gatling Gun Is NOT A Toy

Joerg Sprave love homemade weapons.He started off building slingshots and his projects have slowly become more complex over the years.

Someone Finished Dark Souls 3 With Their Feet, Naturally

I remember challenging my then room mate to finish Resident Evil 4 with his chainsaw controller (remember those damn things?) but he gave up because he wanted to enjoy his first run though.

This Enormous Great White Was Unexpectedly Eaten by a Super Predator of the Deep

A film crew was hired to document the tagging of a number of great white sharks along the coast of Australia.The group tagged several sharks, including one massive Great White, code-name: Shark Alpha.

Trouble for Twitch? New Facebook and Blizzard Live streaming Deal may compete

On June 6, 2016, Blizzard Entertainment announced that they will team up with Facebook to integrate new features to allow players to connect and share gaming experiences with friends.Could this move possibly be a threat to the well-known streaming service of Twitch?

Cortana coming to an Xbox One near you

The Xbox One has an intuitive system in place with its voice commands, but there's always room for improvement.Starting this summer, gamers will no longer have to stick to the mechanical "Xbox, on" commands.

Unreal Tournament: Underland is a blast

With the slow release of Unreal Tournament, which is a great thing, Epic has released another map, Underland.Jump boots and health refills are spread out nicely, a sniper rifle sits highly in the tower, and the rocket launcher sits rear center of the map, making for quick and stressful play.

Looking Back: Metroid Prime Hunters

With Metroid Prime: Hunters just being released on the Nintendo eShop, and Metroid Prime: Federation Force coming out soon, I thought I would look back to look at the innovations that Hunters had to offer.It was the first game to use a duel screen and a touch screen.

5 Summer Activities for Gamers to Beat the Heat

Every bar is a little different, just like "regular" bars.Of course, I dunno if I'd do this next to the pool.

GOG Connect: A worthy DRM-free endeavor, or a waste of time?

Why should I buy DRM Steam games when I could purchase them already DRM-free on GOG.The GOG Connect provides a benefit to GOG.

How to Make the Same Video Games Fun Again

Playing even your favorite video games time and time again can get boring when you've seen and done everything before.That's why we're offering a few suggestions on how to spice things up and put a little fun back into those old video games.

Dino Talk with Saurian Devs Urvogel Studios

Together, they make an open world dinosaur game thanks to Urvogel Studios.Many great games have been released thanks to Kickstarter, like Shenmue III, Superhot, and Star Citizen.

6 Gaming Devices That Make Playing More Fun

There is also the huge realm of PC gaming, and the 100,000s of mobile gaming apps available for easy download.Not only have the systems and the media we choose to interact changes, but so have our peripherals for gaming.

New Ace Attorney Ad Showcases Fan Favorite Characters

CAPCOM has released a new ad for the highly-anticipated Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit of Justice (also known as Ace Attorney 6).The video features several of the series' most renowned characters, including Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, and Maya Fey, who was absent from the last main-series Ace Attorney game, Dual Destinies.