Persona 5's Hardest Difficulty is Locked...Behind Free DLC!

Now with the new free DLC that released alongside the worldwide launch, they've added the hardest difficulty mode in the game, free of cost.Known as “Merciless”, the description for the pack on the PlayStation Store reads: How hard is Merciless mode?

League of Legends Reveals Two New Champions to be Released Together

For the first time in several years, League of Legends is getting two brand new champions at the same time -- Rakan the Charmer and Xayah the Rebel.This release is odd compared to others, since both of these champions can be paired together in games to make 2/5 of a solid team.

Crazy Video Game Cameos -- Game Characters Edition

After noticing how many celebrity cameos have been seen in games over the last 20+ years, we noticed that there are even more cameos from other video game characters.Welcome back to the second part of Crazy Video Game Cameos.

The New ARK 256 Update Is Huge, But Why Is the Community Upset?

Let's dig a bit deeper into this patch and see why the community is so upset about it.Watch the video below for an overview of the flyer, UI, and dino sound changes:  With v.

Edna and Mikleo Joins the Cast in Tales of the Rays

The latest event in Tales of the Rays -- titled "God's Recipe" -- has you going on an adventure with Edna and Mikleo from Tales of Zestiria.The first part has 17 stages -- and by clearing it, you'll unlock Edna and Mikleo for your party.

Persona 5: Complete Strength Confidant Guide

The Strength confidant becomes available in the Velvet Room on 5/18 by talking to Caroline and Justine in the prison cell.Working through the Persona 5 Strength confidant ranks works quite a bit differently than with any other social link.

EGX Rezzed 2017: Day Three - A Day of Adventures

The final day of 2017's EGX Rezzed was undoubtedly the busiest out of the long weekend.This action-adventure co-op combines a unique hand-drawn style with a charming story turning it into a truly endearing game.

The Story So Far -- The Resident Evil Cast (Part 2)

Welcome back to 'The Story So Far-- The Resident Evil Cast Part 2.In Part 1 to this issue, we went through a fair few characters (21 to be exact) that appeared throughout the Resident Evil series.

Club Penguin Island's Not Doing a Good Job Replacing the Original

This game is Club Penguin.The general consensus for Club Penguin Island seems to be that fan reciprocation is low.

Is All This Yooka-Laylee Drama Going to Impact Sales?

Since the stream, many have been disappointed by some of JonTron's views, while others have been trying to defend them.It's a strong possibility Playtonic came to this realization, not wanting to have parents concerned over JonTron's involvement.

5 Wildly Underrated Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Video Games

From Superman to Captain America, we see these superheroes in movies or video games.Although the creators decided to leave the series incomplete, the story continues through Injustice games, leading to its sequel, Injustice 2.

10 Things Filmmakers Can Learn from Video Game Cut Scenes

In the context of Fallout, the phrase is used to signal that regardless of the situation in any of the games in the series, one thing remains.Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords have arguably some of the best writing in video game history.

What Went Wrong with Super Mario Run?

However, it seems that for many hopeful gamers, Super Mario Run did not live up to the expectations.Many wondered if Nintendo would be able to translate the Mario franchise into a mobile phone game.

Video Game Remakes and Remasters are Killing This Industry

Remasters, remakes, definitive editions, HD collections; whatever you want to call them, they’re more prevalent in the industry than ever.It might be good for business, but it’s certainly not good for the evolution of the games industry as a whole.

Indiewatch: Ittle Dew - A Fun Zelda-Esque Adventure

In order for a game to be covered on Indiewatch, it must fit into the following criteria: This week we are taking a look at the adventure puzzle title Ittle Dew.The plot to Ittle Dew isn't that bad and has a bit of a twist that you don't quite see coming.


In PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS every match involves 100 people fighting for survival until only one of them is left alive.Some players say that you just need to practice a lot, and then you will have a better chance.

Persona 5 Guide: Social Stats and how Best to Improve Them

In order to excel at all facets of Persona 5, you’ll have to spend time improving your social stats to make it through the struggles of daily life.Each arm corresponds to one of the five social stats, and the more filled the arm is, the further you’ve progressed.

Bullet Soul Comes to PC with Steam Launch

It was first launched in Japan in 2011 before arriving on the Xbox 360 in 2016.Today, in 2017, it has finally arrived to obliterate enemies on PC.

Kingdom Hearts Union X[Cross] Now Available for Mobile Devices

Today, Square Enix announced the relaunch of the mobile RPG Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] for the one year anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ.In a press release, Square Enix said the relaunch “introduces a major update that adds multiplayer mode and additional gameplay enhancements to deliver a complete Kingdom Hearts experience for gamers.

Elder Scrolls Legends PvE Expansion Starring Beloved Guild Available Now

As of today, a new PvE expansion -- The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood -- is available for Elder Scrolls: Legends on PC and iPad worldwide.For $20 or a non-descript amount of in-game gold, you will get access to 25 new missions and 40 new cards.