Titan Siege MMORPG Receives A Huge Update

Just a couple days ago on April 19, GAMESCO announced and released the largest update ever to its MMORPG, Titan Siege.Besides all the new quests, the Equipment of the Gods collection is probably one of the biggest highlights of this update.

Tree of Savior F2P launch delayed and pricing sees changes with South American server announcement

For those unaware, Tree of Savior's Exclusive Access pricing varied greatly from region to region before now.In Tree of Savior's case, that gain is dirt-cheap Tokens that can be sold on the market for big bucks.

EVE: Valkyrie will support PlayStation VR and HTC Vive

It is the launch title of Facebook's VR headset, the Oculus Rift.It uses the most technologically advanced video game technology along with VR to further enhance the experience.

The Best Mining Seeds for Minecraft

Here are some of our favorite seeds for mining.There's a lot of things to do in Minecraft, but the core of it is right there in the name -- mine!

The Best Minecraft XBox 360 Seeds

From village starts to cool biomes to survival islands, we've put together a solid list of the best and most interesting seeds in Minecraft for the XBox 360.Whether you're a builder, an explorer, or just looking for something new, we've got you covered.

League of Legends Has a New Class and Subclass Guide on Riot's Blog

When I first started playing League of Legends in early 2010, the class structure was pretty easy.So Riot sat down and created a new Class and Subclass guide.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is delayed yet again

The plot to Mirror's Edge Catalyst revolves around Faith's origins and her attempt to overthrow a totalitarian conglomerate of corporations who rule the city of Glass.It is the second time Mirror's Edge Catalyst has had its release date delayed.

Retro Review: Shadow of the Colossus

It can be said that Shadow of the Colossus thinks about every aspect of its minimalist design intensely.Because of this black and white approach to the game's design, polish is at its highest here.

Guild Wars 2 now has a companion app

Manage your Guild Wars 2 account with a new unofficial app now available to download from Google Play Available on Google Play, the Guild Wars 2 GW Sidekick app was released this week.The app is designed to help manage your account and you are able to track individual characters as well as your currency, bank, equipment, and inventory.

Crossy Roads gets a wackier than ever Multiplayer

The extremely popular and critically acclaimed Arcade mobile game Crossy Roads, has received a Multiplayer upgrade.The Multiplayer mode is currently available on Android devices, and should arrive on iOS in May.

Is the physical hypersexualistion seen in video games unique to women?

Something that tends to grab far less attention, however, is the perception of the male sex in video games and perhaps in the entertainment industry in general.The sort of Alpha males that are often portrayed in video games tend to be more masculine in general, which goes hand in hand with their macho personalities.

We don't need a PS4k or Xbox One.Five

The PS4k is looking to be closer and closer to confirmed, but we don't need it.Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has said he doesn't really like the idea of an Xbox One.

A safe place to farm Souls in Dark Souls 3

The first true farming location in Dark Souls III can be found near the Farron Keep area.Welcome to the Farron Keep Perimeter bonfire.

Bravely Second Summon Locations and Summoner Job Guide

Check this guide for all the summon locations in Bravely Second and tips on using the Job!The Summoner Job in Bravely Second uses power summons to deal massive magic damage on all enemies.

P·O·L·L·E·N Is Out Now - Explore A Titan in VR

It's a first-person exploration game, set on a space station orbiting Titan, Saturn's largest moon -- as well as the moon itself.A fatal accident happened to one of the crew members, so you are sent to the station to replace them.

Pokemon Rumble World will be available at NA retail stores on April 29th

Seven years later, Pokemon Rumble World was released on the Nintendo eShop as a free-to-start game.Now, The Pokemon Company has taken the bold step of re-releasing the game as a physical retail release on April 29th, 2016.

Star Fox Zero debuts today for Wii U

Fire up your Arwings for a new journey in space -- Star Fox Zero lands in stores today.Co-developed with Bayonetta creators Platinum Games, Star Fox Zero sees you take control of Fox McCloud, commander of Star Fox.

Bravely Second Guide: Yokai Quest and Seven Sins Locations

Everything you need to unlock Yokai and all its skills for Bravely Second is in this guide!The Yokai Job is the last one you unlock in Bravely Second and has a similar quest to the Vampire Job from Bravely Default.

GameStop Announced Launching GameTrust, an Indie Game Publisher

This entry into game publishing is the latest expansion beyond the sale of games for GameStop.If you go back and look at the top indie games from the last few years, there are some $10 million, $20 million, and $30 million titles out there.

Quick guide to using your PS4 remote wirelessly on your PC

Well, our guide teaches you how to connect your PS Remote to your PC, and play wirelessly with ease!Here's what you'll need to get started: First up, if you've bought a new USB Dongle, you'll want to set this up yourself and continue with the next paragraph.