Legion Alpha: New Pet, Model, and Epic Pets and Battlestones

There are also three new pet toys: , , and.A new Legion Alpha build was recently released.

Legion Alpha: 8 New Pets, Dalaran Updates, and Pet Battle Tuning

A new Legion Alpha build was recently released, and there are new pets![] There were 8 new pets datamined from the latest Alpha patch.

Peddlefeet — Pet of the Month: February 2016

Mainly the Love Tokens.This goblin companion can be purchased from for 40 Love Tokens during the in-game holiday,.

Special Limited Time Sale: WoD Digital Deluxe Bonus Items

The Warlords of Draenor Digital Deluxe was removed without warning from the Blizzard store a few months ago, making the bonus items unavailable for those still looking to collect them.[] You can now purchase the WoD Digital Deluxe bonus items in a for $20 (USD).

Volunteer Needed: Help Cultivate ' Community

: As of January 18, 2016 we are no longer accepting applications for the Community Leader position.Following the , WarcraftPets' lovable Community Leader of 6+ years, we're seeking a new!

Epic Pet Battle Stats Post-Legion: Follow-Up

We enjoyed brainstorming ideas for new bogus stats, but there were a few that didn't make the cut.Originally, the stats were based on the , but the four listed above didn't quite work out well with pets.

Post-BlizzCon 2015 Wrap Up and Community Meet-Up

There wasn't a lot of pet discussion during this year's convention, however there were a few announcements that caught our attention.This year's WarcraftPets Community Meet-Up was held near Blizzard's Pet Adoption section of the Darkmoon Faire area, a happy coincidence!

Patch 6.2.2 is Live: 11 New Pets, A New Pet Battle Quest and More

It was also noted that you can now queue for Pet Battle PVP matches while in Tanaan, when previously you could not.It's time to take to the skies in Draenor in search of new pets and to complete a new Pet Battle weekly quest.

Fjord Worg Pup — Pet of the Month: December 2015

This month we're covering the Fjord Worg Pup!The Fjord Worg Pup spawns in only as a primary pet and has a relatively quick respawn rate.

Brightpaw Now Available and WoW On Sale 75% Off

Currently Blizzard is having a special sale on the WoW Battlechest and Warlords of Draenor.[] Take advantage of this sale and collect the Recruit-a-Friend (RAF) pets at a reduced price.

Happiest Holiday Wishes from !

Best holiday wishes from at WarcraftPets!Have a wonderful and safe holiday and a fun-filled Feast of Winter Veil!

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void CE Pet — Zeradar Has Arrived!

A new pet recently arrived — , the bonus pet from Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void!Players that purchased the Digital Deluxe were greeted with a surprise in their inventories and in-game mail earlier this week.

New Epic Pet Battle Stats Coming Post-Legion?

After reviewing player feedback and testing, Blizzard has that epic pets will not be included at launch of upcoming expansion, Legion.However, epic pets seem to still be on the table.

Legion Alpha: Pet Journal Cap Increased, New Pet, and More

A new Alpha build was released — highlights include an increase to the number of allowed pets in your Pet Journal, a new pet, new model, and more!The Pet Journal entry on Alpha has identical information as the and , but the sting ray will likely be from Legion content.

Baby Winston In Patch 6.2.3 and WoD Digital Deluxe Retired Soon

Only one new pet was added, but he's absolutely adorable — it's Baby Winston.[], the bonus gift for purchasing or Overwatch Collector's Edition, was added to the Pet Journal in today's patch.

Episode 80: The One Where We Talk About Zelda, Lying To Your Children, and Loving Mods, featuring Caleb!

Episode 80: This week our top listener is a six month old, Harrison Ford looks to end his role in another franchise, and Miyamoto confirms one of our worst fears People crying about Universal Windows for no reason.zeldainformer.

Sister of Temptation — Pet of the Month: September 2015

This month's pet isn't exclusive to warlocks anymore.To collect the Sister of Temptation you'll need to clear all bosses prior to Mother Shahraz's area.

Terky — Pet of the Month: November 2015

Instead of featuring the more obvious feathered-friend, we'll be covering a pet that's less enthralled with campfires — it's Terky!To collect Terky you'll need to travel to Borean Tundra, Northrend.

Legion Alpha: New Skins, Pet NPCs and Abilities, and Dust Bunny Revealed

Wowhead dug straight into yesterday's Legion Alpha patch and discovered what appears to be the long lost sister![] The val'kyr is a recolored version of the Unborn Val'kyr.

Legion Alpha: Pygmy Owl and New Baby Deer Model

One new pet was added to the recent Alpha build — the.[] This lovely owl is a Bind on Use drop from , a rare elite found in Val'sharah.