Lost Reavers Launches Today!

The free-to-play action game for the Wii U just left open beta, and luckily, it releases today!Although it was released last year in Japan, today the game will be released worldwide — marking its international debut.

360 Degrees of Development: A Review of The Magic Circle

Not only on how you play the game, but how the public views game development.As for the story, you are a play-tester playing an unfinished game in "development hell".

UbiSoft wants you to Experience E3 this Year!

While Ubisoft is scheduled to attend the most anticipated show in the U.One has to wonder if Ubisoft may be testing the waters to host their own event rather than attend the main stage of E3.

Guild Guide: Extending a guild through multiple games

Take your guild from one game and make it a guild in several games, and you improve your member pool while dealing with new wrinkles.The main point of extending a guild across multiple games is to give players a reliable port of call in them.

Seraph Review - Potentially everything you could want in a 2D game

You also get a scaling difficulty, some fun boss fights, and a crafting system you wouldn't expect from a 2D game.The story is given through a series of dialogues within the game, mostly at the beginning and end of each level.

Why Bloodborne is more difficult than Dark Souls 3

While Dark Souls III is undoubtedly a phenomenal end point for the series, it falls flat in one area where Bloodborne unquestionably succeeded.Allow me to present my argument and that argument is that Bloodborne is WAY harder than Dark Souls III.

Blizzard finally responds to private server Nostalrius closure

Many people have been wondering as to why the private server Nostalrius, was shut down by Blizzard Entertainment.Allen Brack, World of Warcraft’s executive producer and vice president, finally explains why they handed down the decision to shut down the private vanilla WoW server.

Welcome to Bundleopolis, where a new deal is born every six hours

In a sale that runs April 25 to May 1, users can take advantage of deals up to 80% off.True to the name Bundleopolis, the sale is set up as a metropolis of various deals.

Hitman Episode 2 Assassination Guide Part 2: Mommy issues galore!

Freud would be proud of the way Agent 47 gets the target to admit his mommy issues before pulling the trigger in Episode 2, Sapienza!For this unique assassination, you are going to masquerade as a psychiatrist who has been called in to console Caruso.

Mayhem in paradise: Hitman episode 2 lets you kill in an idyllic seaside town

One such change arriving with this episode was sorely needed as – glory of glories!The whole point of each episode is to learn new ways of taking down the targets by completing the level more than once.

Dark Souls 3: The Complete Guide to NPC Invasions and Summons

There are unique NPCs in Dark Souls 3 that only appear in your world to help or hinder your progress.However, he will not help with Dancer of the Boreal Valley if you kill Emma to perform the sequence break.

Nintendo confirms Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem for mobile

New mobile games based on Nintendo IPs have been revealed.The announcement was made via Business Wire alongside details of the Nintendo NX release date.

John Romero teases fans with a new DOOM map...but is it enough?

It seems that Romero's plan to get fans excited for his upcoming game is indeed working.The new DOOM levels are certainly bringing people towards his social networks, where announcements for BLACKROOM can be found.

CyberConnect 2 announces a new project and development studio

CyberConnect 2 celebrates 20th anniversary with development of their first self published game and a new studio.They've gone on to announce a new title in development, code-named Project Venom.

Bravely Second Guardian Job Guide

Defend your allies and possess your enemies with this Guardian guide for Bravely Second!The Guardian Job in Bravely Second is a unique job that uses Soul Power to possess others.

FromSoftware already working on their next IP

From Software working on their next new IP, according to Hidetaka Miyazaki Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Dark Souls III, has confirmed that FromSoftware is hard at work on a brand new IP, reiterating that the studio will not be making a new entry in their popular franchise.For example, if a FROMSoftware developer come to me five years from now and beg ‘please let me make another Dark Souls‘.

9 minutes of Pokemon Go beta footage leaks

Nine minutes of footage from the Australian beta of Pokemon Go has leaked, thanks to YouTube user DarkAthion.The footage shows off various game features -- such as trainer customisation, Pokemon Gyms, map exploration, and egg hatching.

The Lone Gameslinger: Top 5 eSports for people who aren't team players

Sometimes less is more, so here's 5 best competitive eSports titles for gameslingers that prefer to go it alone.Luckily, we know all too well the feels of the SoloQ blues, and we're here with a solution.

RoleCraft: Five Fallout 4 Survival Mode Immersion Tips

After playing many hours in the Survival mode beta test, I want to share a few tips on what can be done to help enrich the roleplaying quality for any fellow roleplayers looking for a greater challenge in Fallout 4's Survival mode.In case you aren't super familiar with this mode, you can also check out these articles: Fallout 4's Super-Survival mode will feature dehydration, starvation, and defecation, and Fallout 4 is only fun when played in Survival Mode.

Call of Duty: 4 Modern Warfare will likely get remastered alongside next CoD

While a new game is great and all, the remastering of Modern Warfare will be the real reason to buy.Rumors have been swirling around the latest Call of Duty title, and it seems as if Infinity Ward has settled on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.