Far Harbor Perks Guide

Seven perks got new ranks, and four faction-specific perks are now available to unlock depending on whether you annihilate a faction or seek to forge a lasting peace in Far Harbor.Besides the five hidden Islander's Almanc magazines and a slew of new equipment, Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC also beefs up the number of perks available.

Savage Resurrection hits Steam early access

The official reboot of the Savage series arrives with a new competitive focus.But unlike other shooters, Savage Resurrection is multiplayer only, and was built from the ground up with a competitive focus in mind.

Did Your Favorite Hero Make the List? Overwatch Open Beta Stats Revealed!

More recently, they released an infograph that details how much damage was really done during beta.While there's a boatload of fun information in the infographic, here's just some of interesting stats Blizzard shared.

Far Harbor Islanders Almanac magazine locations

It wouldn't be a proper Fallout expansion without more options for your character, and Far Harbor definitely isn't lacking in them.Instead, the massive Far Harbor DLC features five issues of a new publication called 'Islanders Almanac' scattered across the area that all provide different benefits.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - Eclipse Multiplayer Maps Tips and Tricks

It includes a whole new map for Zombies Mode – “Zetsoubu no Shima” - that takes place on an infested island in the Pacific Ocean.Additionally, Eclipse DLC includes four new multiplayer maps: Spire, Knockout, Rift, and Verge.

Miitomo Drop: How to win the Royal Elegance sets

Nintendo has released yet another batch of Miitomo Drop minigames!This time we have the chance to win Royal Elegance fashion.

The Legend of Zelda trading card game listed on Australian online retailer

There just doesn't seem to be any rest for Link and Zelda these days.Earlier this year Hyrule Warriors Legend was released on 3DS, at the beginning of May The Legend of Zelda was inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, and now keen-eyed fans have noticed that the online retailer EB Games Australia has listed The Legend of Zelda Trading Card Game.

Overwatch agents are making unexpected appearances around the world

Seemingly popping up overnight, this giant display found outside the Hollywood Highland mall depicts an action figure of Overwatch's well known scout Tracer.It seems Blizzard put the word out in a recent post on Twitter regarding a few of Overwatch's agents activating around the world.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Free Major Content Update Coming This Summer

Plants vs.Plants vs.

Make the Most Out of Reinhardt

Overwatch's resident wall of tank has a lot more to him than just a walking wall of shield.Obviously you want to stay out in front but you need to use your shield sparingly.

How to Play Mercy, Overwatch's Greatest Single Target Healer

Youtuber Unit Lost knows how to lay out some very solid strategies and his explanation for how best to use Mercy is spot the hell on!As he points out, the first place to start is in the controls section with some custom changes under Hero controls.

The best actual way to play Overwatch's Bastion

Most people tend to hate Bastion when they see him on the enemy team.His turret mode hands out the most DPS of any regular attack in the entire game AND he can easily heal himself in only a few uninterrupted seconds.

Mojang Has Some Big News — Minecraft is Coming to China

Microsoft has signed a five-year deal with NetEase, a Chinese Internet Technology Firm.Part of the deal includes Mojang developing a special version specifically aimed at the Chinese market.

Lynn and the Spirits of Inao Kickstarter cancelled due to legal issues

The cancellation was due to legal issues where the France based studio did not pay their interns.It has been revealed that the Kickstarter for Lynn and the Spirits of Inao has been cancelled due to legality concerns.

25 World of Warcraft Tattoos that will Blow your Mind

Have a look at some of the top World of Warcraft tattoos on the Internet.While scouring the Internet for inspiration for my next piece, I came across some very impressive World of Warcraft tattoos.

Trolling Dark Souls 3 Invaders With The Armor Of Thorns Is The Best Kind Of Trolling

For those that don't know the Dark Souls series is a game where you bash your head into a wall in pure frustration until you throw your controller at your television.But when you take a break from all that anger and malice, you can participate in the other fun aspects of Dark Souls, namely invading someone else's game.

Hitman Fire Extinguisher Kill Is Pure, Silent Assassin Perfection

With Hitman's new "Elusive Target" missions, players are forced to act quickly and cleverly to dispatch new VIPs against both an in-game and real-life ticking clock.This has led to some really ingenious on-the-fly kills.

Info And Artwork Leak For New Destiny Expansion

Destiny looks to tear down that wall with the help of Lord Saladin in their new DLC, Rise of Iron.After this post on Reddit popped up last night, featuring the poster (see below) for the new expansion called Rise Of Iron featuring Lord Saladin of the Iron Banner holding a big ol' hammer and surrounded by the cutest puppies wolves.

3 Minecraft Seeds to Use as a Server for Your Guild

Here are just a few seeds that will make a good home for your guild or online community.Each direction provides a new area to explore and different biomes to grab resources each member will want or need.

Amputee Gamer Designs Bionic Arm With Interactive Screen, Drone, And More

James Young was an avid gamer who lost his arm and part of his leg in a horrible car accident.His life changed forever for so many reasons, not the least of which was the loss of his favorite hobby.