Guild Guide: Pushing and pulling with leadership

If you're willing to stop listening to people at a certain magnitude, you're not doing the push and pull correctly.You're still assuming that you're right, that everyone else needs to be humored.

Bravely Second Master Guide List

All the Bravely Second guides you need are listed in this article!There is a lot to do in Bravely Second, and I have written multiple guides to help you through the game.

Steam Now Accepting Bitcoin

Yesterday, April 27th, Bitcoin announced that it would be partnering with Valve in order to bring Bitcoin capabilities to Steam.Rory, Desmond, the author of the article announcement explains that Valve reached out to Bitcoin in order to accommodate emerging international gaming markets such as India, China, and Brazil.

LUNA - The Shadow Dust poised for Kickstarter Success

With still a couple of days to go on their Kickstarter campaign, Lantern Studio and their beautiful game, LUNA - The Shadow Dust, has already reached its crowdfunding target.The game has been made using traditional frame-by-frame animation techniques and has no dialogue in it.

Minecraft VR arrives with Gear-VR... but expect a heavy price

Mojang, creators of the worldwide phenomenon that is Minecraft yesterday announced the arrival of the game on the Samsung Gear VR.At long last, fans of Minecraft can now play their favorite game in VR using the Samsung Gear VR.

New Black OPs 3 DLC Release Details

Details about the new DLC, the date, and for what systems.The four maps featured are:  The highly-anticipated Zombies experience: Zetsubou No Shima, serves as the second stop in the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombies storyline that takes place across four different DLC map Packs coming out this year.

Tree of Savior's F2P release set for May 10th after delay

IMC Games gave an update on the status of the game's release today, setting the full launch date for May 10th.Full launch will bring new servers specifically for non-Founder's players, transfers for current players to newer or region-specific servers, and the addition of a much-requested South American server.

Ecotone: Retro Platforming with a Twist

Ecotone is a platform adventure from French developers Sundae Factory.Players must guide the game's main character through a series of levels in a bid find his true identity.

The next step in the VR/AR evolution: VR contact lenses

But it seems the future holds more; an AR experience that requires nothing more than a contact lens to use.About a year or so after the reveal of the Google Glass, it was rumored that Google's next big step in the VR/AR world was to focus their energy on a contact lens follow-up to the Glass.

Star Wars Battlefront Expansion Pack Release

You can also unlock Star Cards -- the Berserker Trait, Bacta Bomb, and the Ion Neutralizer.As a bonus for the season pass holders, they will receive Star Wars Battlefront Bespin.

Use QooApp to download and install Japanese and Korean Android games

Downloading Asian Android games is a lot easier than it used to be thanks to QooApp.Dealing with the English side of Google Play is an easy process.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online Free this weekend on steam

Still in early access and in beta, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault Online is giving all players a chance to play for free this weekend.Between April 28th and May 1st, Steam is offering Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - First Assault free for a limited time.

Hitman episode 2 Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenge

Further ahead on the right side of the beach area is a chapel.After the conversation at the confessional is over, head over to the right side of the chapel and go out the side door.

Bravely Second Guide: End Game Team Build

First, I'll just list their Jobs, support abilities, and equipment, then explain everything directly below it.I wanted a character that had great magic support, but also high magic damage.

Original Pokemon virtual console release sells over 1.5 million units worldwide

Nintendo has reported that the virtual console releases of Pokémon Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green (Japan only) have sold over 1.The original release of Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) was in 1996 for the Game Boy.

Tony Stark's Xbox One Creation

So while saving the world and getting his ass kicked by Captain America, Tony Stark had time to create his very own version of the Xbox One.We all know he had nothing to do with it, but it was a nice way for Microsoft to introduce another Xbox One to the world.

What happened to using the Bechdel Test to rate video games?

Sweden is looking to change the way we look at video games through the Bechdel test.In 1985, the Bechdel test was incidentally created by a popular comic strip called Dykes to Watch Out For by Alison Bechdel.

Purchase games on Steam using Bitcoin

The announcement was posted on BitPay's website, stating that Valve approached them about finding another option for countries like India, China, and Brazil.Often, these countries are unable to use credit cards as a payment option.

Battleborn's Open Beta is now live!

The open Beta is up and running, and it also comes with its own goals!Battleborn's open Beta has begun!

Tomb Raider 2013 Now On Linux - But is it too late?

The 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider was critically very well received with an average of 86/100 over all platforms on Metacritic.After being available on Xbox 360, PC, and PS3, a Definitive Edition released in 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One, but now Tomb Raider is now available to buy on Linux.