Monster Hunter Generations Guide: Switch Axe Tips

Master the art of switching with this Monster Hunter Generations Switch Axe guide!The Switch Axe in Monster Hunter Generations lets you switch between an axe and sword in combat.

Interview with Overture's Daniel Doan and Raghav Mathur

The director and producer of Overture are here to talk about their game where you kick ass and take names.I had the opportunity to talk with the Daniel Doan and Raghav Mathur who are the director and producer of Overture about the inspirations for the game and which 5 words best describes their dungeon exploring and enemy slaying adventure.

Guild Guide: How to grow permanently when dealing with a short-term population boom

But when you're in those games, these surges mean something.They show up, they talk about enjoying themselves, and then one day they're just.

Death and Photography in Life Is Strange

In her article for the Village Voice “The Camera Confronts Death”, Judith Goldman states: Photographs throughout Life Is Strange defy death by capturing a specific moment in time.The player’s eyes are Max’s eyes, we see her world through her shutter lens, and the player see life as well as death the way she sees it.

E3 Evaluation: Microsoft Press Conference

This year E3 had some solid presentations among its press conferences but also some cringe moments along the way.Naturally, Microsoft covered their bases with their exclusives.

Orie Enav Talks Sci Fi with His Geek Dating App: DragonFruit

Orie Enav: DragonFruit started as so many things do, with alcohol and board games.We got to talking about their adventures in dating and how hard it was for them as “geeky people”.

Vault-Tec Workshop experiments quest guide

Pull up the Workshop menu and scrap the debris blocking off the North Sector, then follow the blip on your map to plug a control board into the Workshop bench.Once the suit is in Clem's inventory, highlight it and select “Equip” (the “T” key on PC).

Interview: Daniele Ferraro Discusses Survival Simulation Game DinoSystem

The game, currently in Early Access, receives frequent updates from developer Daniele Ferraro, one-half of the Capri-based Capribyte Studios.You have provided a list of changes made and possible changes to come on the game's Steam page.

10 Awesome Minecraft 1.10.2 Seeds for Builders and Explorers

Every so often—usually during major releases—Minecraft seeds will completely change.Below is a list of 10 of the most beautiful and unique seeds I've played through under Minecraft's newest 1.

The Witcher 3 combat: A little Blood and Whine

I should mention that I began the game on "Blood and Broken Bones!A nice idea, despite Witcher 2's inferior combat.

The Adventure continues: Hearthstone's One Night in Karazhan revealed

It was the party of the century - but in case you couldn't make it, here's everything that went down One Night in Karazhan.Blizzard promised us the party of a lifetime, and around 2 AM EST at ChinaJoy, and on Twitch, they delivered -  One Night in Karazhan, the next Adventure installment for Blizzard's CCG juggernaught Hearthstone, was revealed!

Neko Atsume in-depth rare cats guide with a side of FLUFF

You've probably gotten your fair share of standard cats during your time with the game, but what about rare cats?Thanks to his 150 power level he can take and hold claim of his favorite items easily.

Where Pokemon Go Is Available... And Where It May Never Be

It's a long list--but one that still skips some pretty major countries along with four entire continents.But South Korea?

Is Overwatch the Harbinger for the End of MOBAs?

Is the Success of Overwatch just a one off, or are we finally beginning to see the decline of League of Legends and MOBA's as a whole?Last month it was reported by MonteCristo on Twitter that Overwatch had dethroned League of Legends from its top spot as the most played game within PC Bangs in South Korea.

Pokemon Sun and Moon Reveals 6 New Pokemon and New Features

Check out the new Pokemon and features revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon!If you have been following Pokemon Sun and Moon news, you are in luck -- because even more Pokemon and features have just been announced.

Dragon Bros: A Run

Play as a teenage dragon on the quest to save their mother who was kidnapped by evil robots.In Dragon Bros, you play as one of four teenage dragons on a mission to rescue their mother from evil robots called the mechaliches.

Platinum Trophies: Only for the Pros?

Are Platinum Trophies only for the best of the best?To achieve a platinum trophy, you have to 100% a game.

5 Places to Find Cool Indie Games

Here are just some the many ways to discover cool new indie games to play.Here are some places where you can find plenty of indie games to enjoy.

PC and console homogenization, are we headed towards a unified gaming world?

The dream of true cross-platform gaming is not a current reality, but soon the Console Crusaders and PC Master Race may merge into a mighty group forever known as “Gamers”.These new consoles may not be a replacement for their brethren, but could be offered as a more powerful, more expensive option for those wanting a higher graphical quality.

Does it matter that Twitch streamers are spoofing their locations for Pokemon Go?

If you take a look at the Pokemon Go Twitch channel, you may notice something slightly strange going on.On the one hand, who really cares if someone is spoofing to find Pokemon?