Metroid: Samus Returns Guide - Spidersparking

This new ability is none other than the Power Bomb Jump or as the fan community is quickly adopting "Spidersparking." Spidersparking -- as the name suggests -- sends Samus flying horizontally or vertically across the map until she hits a wall, much like Shinesparking does.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the Complete Roleplaying Package

The resurgence of classic cRPGs continues with Larian Studio's Divinity: Original Sin 2, one of our most-anticipated RPGs of the year.The heart of Original Sin 2 revolves around an array of options letting you play how you want to play, and not being forced down any particular build or path.

Flip Master Tips and Tricks: The Beginner's Guide to Dominating the Trampoline

5 stars on the Google Play Store, Flip Master is most definitely a well-received app.Because of how sparse it is, we've collected some extra beginner's tips and tricks that will have you bouncing through Flip Master like never before.

Want Indie Games On-Demand? You Need to Check Out Jump

It's no secret that good indie games get buried.99 a month, subscribers have unlimited access to a curated library of indie games.

Team Cherry Reveals New Free Content Pack for Hollow Knight

This expansion releases on Halloween this year, and will offers a variety of new features.Chief among the new features in the pack is a new quest, which the developers say involves the Nightmare Lantern and "a twisted ritual that stretches the breadth of the kingdom".

The Brainchild of Homestuck, Hiveswap, Is Finally Here!

As someone who actively read "Homestuck" by Andrew Hussie back in the early 2010s, I am beyond excited that Hiveswap: Act 1 made its debut today.This was a huge deal back in 2012 when the Kickstarter campaign had met its goal within 2 days of launching.

Destiny 2 Guide: Leviathan Raid Walkthrough

Destiny 2's first raid is finally out and there is plenty of new loot and rewards waiting for you.In this Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide, I'm going to go over each section of the raid and explain in detail how to complete them.

How to Use Coupons in Crossout

If you want to know where and how to use your Coupons in Crossout, this guide will lay out all your options and which ones will give you the most bang for your buck!In addition to the Loot Containers above, you can also use your Crossout Coupons on building hardware.

How Will Fog on PUBG's Map Affect Your Gameplay?

But with PUBG's September patch, players will finally be introduced to a new and unique weather effect: fog.To set things up for the incoming fog, let's quickly talk about why rain changes the way PUBG is played.

Metroid: Samus Returns Review

A remake of Metroid II: Return of Samus, the game aims to revitalize the title for newer audiences.But does Samus' return warrant celebration, or has this space heroine seen her glory days in decades long gone?

Fortnite Guide: How to Survive in Battle Royale Mode

With the increasing popularity of PUBG and its unconventional gameplay, more and more developers are aiming to add a Battle Royale mode of their own into games like GTA Online and Fortnite.If you want to learn how to survive in the Battle Royale mode in Fortnite, then check out some of the most essential tips below.

Fornite Guide: How to Survive in Battle Royale Mode

With the increasing popularity of PUBG and its unconventional gameplay, more and more developers are aiming to add a Battle Royale mode of their own into games like GTA Online and Fortnite.This mode is hard as nails, especially for those who’ve never played a last-man-standing challenge before.

NHL 18 Tips and Tricks: Offense, Defense, and More!

Sounds like you need a little bit of help getting started with EA Sports' NHL 18.Thankfully, defense in NHL 18 isn't nearly as insane as deking is for offense.

Injustice 2 Guide: How to Get Legendary Gear

The sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Legendary Multiverse update recently rolled out, introducing all new Legendary gear to unlock in the new Legendary Multiverse in NetherRealm’s DC brawler.In addition to the regular Multiverse and the Guild Multiverse, you now have the Legendary Multiverse available in the single player menu.

NHL 18 Trophy Guide

Look no further than our NHL 18 trophy guide.There are 37 bronze trophies in NHL 18.

Divinity Original Sin 2: Character Creation Guide

Like any party-based RPG, a dedicated player could spend hours agonizing over character creation choices in Divinity Original Sin 2.When first starting out, you can choose your own custom character or one of six origin story characters.

Destiny 2 Location Guide: Where is Xur?

However, unlike its predecessor, Xur won't necessarily be as easy to find in Destiny 2.In Destiny 2, Bungie's changed things up a little bit, letting Xur show up in any of the landing zones across Earth, Titan, Io, or Nessus.

Another Feature Super Mario Odyssey Should Have Dropped

Next month the highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey will come to the Nintendo Switch.Since Super Mario 64 was released on the N64, Mario games have forced you to collect a certain amount of items in order to progress further in the game.

Minecraft 1.12.2 Coming Out on PC Soon

The independent PC version will be receiving its full 1.13 update, but 1.

Noblemen: 1896 Beginner's Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

For those who aren't into the cheating business, let's get on with the Noblemen tips and tricks!If you are at medium or extreme range you aren't dealing the damage you want to be dealing.